Best New Year’s resolution: give help

The Sattvic Yoga Lifestyle is not only about healthy, natural, fresh and light food. According to the Bhagavad Gita it means an austere life in which you are not using more of nature’s energy than necessary and you help others out of pure unconditional love. Therefor we need soft open hearts, and yoga is the only art to open the heart.

Sattvic is a way of living in which you have compassion and empathy for others. Funny enough: this attitude towards life and fellow humans, has good influence on your own physical and mental health as well. Important is your inner world which are your thoughts and intentions: are they good? Are you helping without wanting anything in return? Then you have thoughts, words and actions in one line, which is according to Mahatma Gandhi the most important element of the Bhagavad Gita to reach a happy and blissful life.

So best New Year’s resolution is not to wish anything for yourself, but the wish to be able to serve and help others from an open heart. Help a stranger out of unconditional love, visit a lonely old neighbor for a cup of tea, give food to a homeless person or spend time with a disabled person in a shelter. It might sound strange, but giving is the only way to receive. What you give is what you get is the law of attraction. Just ‘give’ and everything you wish for will automatically come to you. Happy New Year!

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