Balancing your weight after the holidays with a healthy Sattvic-detox

Sattvic means austere. It means living in balance with energy and nature. Never take too much of the energy and live a conscious life. These were also the teachings of Jesus Christ, but funny enough during the days of the celebration of his life, nobody really lives austere. And we cannot always help that, because every person you visit, every beloved family member is putting so much love and effort in all the meals: with starters, side dishes and deserts beside a regular huge meal. After a couple of days we are so stuffed: though when you live an austere lifestyle for a longer period of time, you will never over-eat, because this has a direct influence on your meditation: you cannot concentrate anymore. The monkey mind is jumping around.

There is a solution for that. You can enjoy your dinner parties and you don’t have to insult the cook by refusing all the nice things (although I always ask for very small amounts, that helps). It is possible to eat on these celebration days a little bit more, but then the next day it is important to have the discipline to eat less and detox. This way you can balance the energy again and you give your digestive system some time to recover and clean. And of course to balance your weight. So here is a Sattvic detox-advice for after Christmas: if you ate 1 day too much, you have to detox 2 days. If you ate 2 days a lot, it is best to detox 4 or even 5 days after that. This will be very healthy for your body, mind and soul:

Healthy Sattvic Detox:

  • Start your day with 2 glasses of warm water with fresh lime.
  • Then do your sadhana (yoga practice, meditation and prayers).
  • After that drink a glass of wheatgrass juice.
  • Then just start your day and after half an hour you can drink a smoothie with a lot of fresh fruit and one teaspoon of Moringa.
  • For lunch only eat some pieces of fruit and raw veggies.
  • And for dinner a green salad (green endive would be very good for mayor detox-effect) with lots of raw veggies, but keep it into the right proportions: not more than one plate.
  • During the whole day drink 3 times hot water with lime.
  • Besides that drink at least 6 glasses of plain water
  • and 2 glasses of herb tea with fresh ginger.
  • When you have a hungry feeling, drink some extra water with lime.
  • Of course all fruits and veggies have to be organic and fresh.
  • During detoxing period eat only raw and vegan food.

If you wish you can keep on doing this for a whole week. You would feel very light and healthy. It might not give you a full feeling, but after a while you will feel completely fulfilled. And this feeling of fulfillment is much better than the feeling of being stuffed after a meal. You can notice this light effect during sadhana immediately. Happy detoxing!


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