Sattvic & vegan delicious parsnip soup with pear, leeks and parsley root

IMG_2980.jpgThis amazing soup is perfect for Christmas with its season veggies: parsnip, leeks and parsley root. Wash all the vegetables carefully, cut them in pieces and cook them in some good quality vegetable & herb broth with a small peace of fresh ginger, a very small amount of curry powder, salt and pepper. When all the veggies are soft, blend the soup with some (soy) cream and a touch of sweetener (like agave syrup or honey). Let it boil for just a couple of more minutes and then serve with fresh peaces of pear.

For me this would be a whole meal, but for others it might just be a starter: the Sattvic lifestyle is all about finding your own personal balance, specially these days of festivities.

Merry Christmas!

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