Vegan & simple whole-weat creamy pasta with green endive and holy basil

Sattvic cooking and the Yoga Lifestyle are all about simplicity and lightness. One of my favorite dishes is green endive with creamy pasta. Today I made a Christmas variation with tomato and the Indian holy basil tulsi.


Cook the whole-weat pasta. When it’s done, drain the water. In the same hot pan on a small fire you add some soy cream, Himalaya salt, pepper and dried tulsi (you can also use normal basil). Non-vegans can add some nice rasped cheese and for vegans I recommend to add some olive oil: it is very good for us to get some natural fats for better digestion and it gives a lovely taste.

In another pan stir fry the organic, fresh and washed green endive in some coconut oil (just for a couple of minutes, because when endive is cooked too long it gets bitter and rajasic very quick). Put everything on a plate with some nice peaces of raw tomato: a lovely meal with all daily necessary nutrients, a lot of the live-giving energy prana and made of season veggies with healthy greens.

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