Jesus’ teachings were more than Christmas

Christmas is fun. Christmas is about love and happiness, a lot of gifts and nice food. Of course! But we also have to remember why we are celebrating this beautiful feast on the birth date of our beloved Jesus Christ.

His teachings were amazingly deep and spiritual and have a lot in common with ancient Vedic knowledge. Jesus taught us that God is love and that love is in our hearts. We are all God in the form of love. Exactly what the old Vedic Science is teaching us too: our souls are seated in the heart and exist of pure energy of love and they are all connected and form a huge ‘body of love’.

This body has an intelligence too and is actually called God, but some prefer to say ‘a Higher Intelligence’ or just ‘the Higher Energy’. It doesn’t really matter how you call ‘it’. This is one of Jesus’ teachings as well: love everybody and respect everybody, no matter what kind of background this person has. Even the person you think of being your enemy: love him. Help him. Give him your everything. Because where there is unconditional love, there is God. And where there is God, there is bliss and happiness. To be able to do that, to love our so called enemies, we have to open our hearts. Funny enough, this is also the goal of yoga, which is the only art to open the heart.

A lot of ancient classical and mysterious texts were found in India and they were about Jesus: those scriptures tell us that he had travelled to India. We can also see in those texts that Jesus had been teaching about karma and reincarnation. There are documents found which show that important people of that era erased this part of the official scriptures of his teachings. We cannot know for sure anymore, but we can still see the similarities between his life lessons and Vedic knowledge from the information we have from the bible. The most important one is: God is love.

There are so many similarities between buddhism, christianity, jewish religion, old islamic texts and hinduism. This is what jesus wanted to tell us as well: it doesn’t matter where we come from, who we are, if we are rich or pour, man or woman, king or prostitute, beggar or priest: we all have the same light of God inside of us. Where there is love, there is God. And we cannot forget: Jesus was not a Christian, Buddha was not a Buddhist, Mohamed was not a Muslim, they were all teachers who taught love. Love was their religion. Interesting to note in this context is that 5000 years ago when the Veda’s were written, the term ‘religion’ did not even exist.

If you want to remember Jesus and his teachings, just do an act out of love these days. Help somebody, a stranger, without wanting anything in return. That is what Karma Yoga is all about and that was also Jesus’ motto: help someone without looking at his background, religion or social status. Just help somebody who needs it. This is how we can honor Jesus Christ best.

Then we know that his suffering was for a good cause. His acts of unconditional love and his suffering had the purpose to give the right example and to clean cosmic karma. Honor his suffering to ‘suffer’ a little bit yourself between all expensive gifts and chic dinners: give something to a beggar on the street, give the leftovers of your dinner to a homeless shelter or visit your lonely old neighbor for a minute or two. You will be rewarded by God with a pure blissful feeling if you do this from the bottom of your beautiful holy heart.

Merry Christmas!

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