Lovely Sattvic orange desert with fresh cottage cheese for Christmas

If you like the Sattvic philosophy and yoga lifestyle, this might be a nice Christmas desert for you. Simple, light, organic and fresh with a lovely soft and natural taste.

At this time of the year orange and mandarin are season fruits for us in Holland, but you can do this with any type of fruit. The base is sort of a fruit-soup with fresh cottage cheese in the middle. This is not the cottage cheese you put on your sandwich, but the cottage cheese that looks and tastes like sour cream. Cottage cheese is a very pure dairy and over here in Holland it is totally unprocessed. Almost the purest way to eat your dairy, that means it has a lot of prana. Cottage cheese has almost no fat in it and lots of vitamine B12 and calcium. Although it is Christmas and you would like to make a feast dinner, if you make it the Sattvic-way it keeps being light, healthy, organic and fresh. Though for most Sattvic-fanatics this is an absolute feast-meal: all other heavy toxic and unhealthy food will be felt in our system. Light food gives light thoughts and blissful feelings.

This desert took me 3 minutes to make. I peeled an orange and blend it with some good quality organic honey, a small amount of lemon zest grater and cinnamon. Then I poured this on a plate and served the cottage cheese in the middle. Enjoy your Christmas and be happy!

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