Healthy entrée: white endive with apple, zucchini and sour cream

IMG_2963.jpgA delicious and super healthy Christmas entrée, which is best served with some fresh fruit limonade. You can make it vegan by just replacing the sour cream for soy yoghurt or vegan mayonaise.

Again this is a very simple, quick, Sattvic and light side dish with all organic season fruits and veggies. Take the leaves of white endive and sprinkle them with fresh lemon juice: this way they don’t change color. Put some beautiful slices of apple on the sides (also sprinkled with lemon juice for taste and color) and fill them with raw zucchini. For that you can best grate the zucchini and add a nice amount of Himalaya salt, pepper and fresh dill. Put the mixture inside of the endive leaves with apple and finish with a scoop of fresh sour cream or cottage cheese.

IMG_2928.jpgSattvic cooking is intuitive, so these recipes are only to inspire you. Of course you can do all kinds of creative adventures with this dish. You might like to make a dressing of the sour cream with some mayonaise and tomato. Peaces of egg would be lovely to serve with them as well. Or maybe replace some of the zucchini with another veggie, like cucumber or carrot. That would make a lovely color. You can also replace the pieces of apple with mandarin or mango. And small pieces of walnut or roasted pine nuts would fit this entrée perfectly. Just see what your have in your kitchen and make something nice out of it. Free your mind and let your heart guide you.

Enjoy free cooking and have a lovely Christmas!

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