Stuffed green cabbage leaves with parsnip & sweat potato mousse

IMG_2887.jpgIf you like a vegan, organic and Sattvic dinner for Christmas, this might be a real nice dish for you. Made from winter season veggies, super healthy and light: the most important element of the yoga lifestyle.

Here is what you do. Cook some nice green cabbage leaves with a little bit of Himalaya salt. In the meanwhile cook parsnip and sweat potato in another pan (I always let the skin on and wash them very well with a brush, that way nothing of nature is spoiled and I like the taste of it, but if you don’t like that you can peal them of course).

When the cabbage leaves are done, take them out of the water to let them cool off a little bit. Then make a nice puree of the vegetables on a small fire (without the boiling water) with a small amount of butter, ghee or coconut oil and some salt, pepper, red chili pepper, coriander, kurkuma and garam massala (all small amounts, just a touch of herbs). Then add some soy cream and the juice of a mandarin. Mix it very well (I used an electric mixer) and then let it steam very shortly on a small fire (with a tap on): that way it becomes more light and fluffy, perfect to have the texture of a beautiful mousse.


When the mousse is done, put some of it into the leaves. First turn in the sides and then role it. Turn them over to put them on the plate and serve with some fresh organic cashew nuts: very nice with a light raw salade and a beautiful soup aside.

Bon apetit and Merry Christmas!



Nb: You can serve these lovely filled cabbage leaves also cold: it has a very nice taste and structure. And another advice is to save the cooking water of the green cabbage: it has a delicious taste and you can make a nice broth out of it. Just put a little bit good quality organic veggie broth powder, Himalaya salt, pepper and cinnamon. Lovely to finish with some parsley root and turnip tops! With Sattvic cooking you try to spoil as less energy as possible and the taste of this unexpected soup is amazing!



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