Simple Christmas dish with purple Vitelotte potato and parsley root


The regular potato has almost no nutritious value, but the purple Vitelotte potato is very good for your health. The purple color means that it has anthocyanins, which protect the potato against free radicals. This beautiful colored vegetable contains a lot of vitamin C and is very good for blood circulation, it lowers blood pressure and prevents heart disease. It tastes a little bit nutty and makes a very good combination with the parsley root and sweat potato in this dish. And even the sweat potato has great health benefits: it contains a lot of fiber which is good for the intestines, and it has lots of vitamin C and B. The orange color means that it has beta carotene which is a great antioxidant. Colored potatoes are definitely a better choice than regular ones!

Sattvic cooking is simple cooking. But that doesn’t mean you cannot make an absolute beautiful and chic dinner on these special Christmas days: less is always more. Even for the best cooks the rule is: the simpler is always the better. IMG_2839.jpg

For this lovely vegan Christmas side-dish I pre-cooked some Vitelotte potatoes separately from the other veggies. I did not know if the purple color would be catching for the other veggies. In another pan I shortly cooked the sweat potato and I added the parsley root to the boiling water for just a minute or two.

After cooking I put all vegetables in a nice oven dish and mixed them with some olive oil, Himalaya salt, pepper and green parsley. And finally into the oven for just a couple of minutes to grill them nice and brown.

Served with the turnip-tops it makes a delicious and simple Sattvic side-dish with all kinds of special winter season veggies. Lovely to make different small side-dishes like stuffed green cabbage leaves with parsnip mouse, served with cashew nuts and fresh endive, apple and tomato salade. Some more amazing vegan and Sattvic Christmas dishes will follow these days.

Merry Christmas!


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