#MeToo: We need to focus on female strength

Abuse of women has been going on for centuries and this is not something new. The great thing about social media and #MeToo is that it gives an opportunity and strength to women to speak up and expose what happened in their lives. Finally. Is there a woman out there who did not experience some sort of intimidation? Harassment exists in all countries, in all communities no matter the social or economical status. The time has come now that we women no longer keep our silence. We speak up, but it has always been there. We now feel the strength together to do something about it. The change needs to come from within. When we feel less vulnerable, we can stand up for ourselves much better. It gives a powerful feeling. It leads women out of this role of being a victim.

We women, we are no victims. Men are victims of themselves. They are fighting themselves. They are fighting their own egos. We are the stronger race and ‘they’ are trying to put us down, but this is never going to work. Only when we let them. We have control over our own lives. We have control over our own bodies. The problem is when we think we don’t have it, that makes us vulnerable. It has to do with self reliance. It has to do with self worthiness. If we don’t have this, we probably didn’t get this from our mothers education, then it is very hard to develop this on our own during adulthood: but it is always possible. We can teach each other. Role models are very important for this: I was astonished when I saw an important woman in the film industry telling in an interview that the solution for sexual harassment is that the good men need to protect us. But in my opinion we need to create a feeling deep inside that we have an amazing powerful strength and we don’t need men to defend us; we can do that ourselves. We just have to train our minds and bodies for it.

Only the thought of being physical weaker, puts us in a role of becoming a victim. What’s in our minds, is creating our experiences. What you irradiate is what you get. If we are all focussing on all those bad men right now, and us as victims, we are actually giving them more power. For energy it doesn’t matter if the focus is positive or negative: any focus increases the particles of that particular energy (this is how these horrible harassing men actually got so much ‘power’ in the first place).

We have to focus in our minds on what we are good at. We have to focus on female strength. On female power. We cannot victimize. We have to be strong. Together. And our inner motherly love which is called Prana shakti in Vedic Science is our absolute strength. We have to speak up. We have to go to the officials and press charges. We have to fight, but we cannot victimize, because then we become victims. We are no victims. Men are the real victims here. We women are the strongest race and we will always be that stronger race. Everything once started with the female energy of Prana Shakti and she cannot be destroyed, she just is. When all is gone, she is what is left. That makes us the most powerful inalterable energy of the universe. We just don’t know this yet. Awareness is necessary to be able to believe and live it: what’s in our minds, creates our experiences.

Aggression of men is making them weak, but they don’t know this yet. They think they might have power over women at this moment, and sometimes physically they have, but mentally, they can never overrule a woman. At that level we women will always be more powerful than men: we survived those male dominated centuries of oppression, aggression and violence. This made us stronger. What makes a person grow? What gives inner strength? Suffering. We suffered and we became stronger each and every day. #MeToo is just a result of that. The fruits of struggling women for centuries; to get voting rights, to be able to work the same jobs as men and to show society that we women are equal to men and the struggle of proving that we are worth the same (or even more) as anybody else.

This battle trained us to become even stronger than before. Because there was a time in which we were equal and it was obvious to all men that women were stronger. Why? Every man, every woman comes out of the womb of a woman. The survival of humanity lies in our hands. Not mens. That is why God made us the stronger race. And women are pure love (in Yoga Science love equals Prana Shakti). The world needs more love at this moment. Love for our children. Love in politics. Love in economics. Love for nature. Love in education. Love for natural resources. Love for ourselves. By oppressing women, love disappeared. But don’t you worry: we will win this catch-up race and fix the world and mother nature again. We as a people need to heal.

#MeToo is only the beginning. We women are taking over power now. We are strong. Men weakened themselves. And not all men, but unfortunately just a few spoke up. Many knew. When you know, when you see injustice and you don’t take action: you are accessory. You are equally guilty. So men weakened themselves before the eyes of God.

The Divine Energy only sees love. And when there is no love, you have to live the fruits of the seeds you have been planting. That is karma. Men need to clean their karma for the next coming centuries, while we women are taking over control to make the world a better place. Without war. Without violence. With peace and inner strength. For God, that is the only thing that counts.

When we leave our bodies, our soul is the only ‘thing’ we take with us to the other side. So that is the only ‘thing’ that counts in life. And the soul is love. Love is God. Women that are loving, are filled with Divinity. And only that is real strength. So let’s focus on light. Let’s focus on love. Not love as in a romance, but real motherly unconditional love. Then Prana Shakti is shining her particles of energy and we as humanity can grow into a loving era for everybody. With equal treatment for everyone. And yes, even men. For our soul-energy race, gender nor social status exist. The soul is just love: Prana Shakti, the strongest energy ever existed. And we women, we have a lot of that.

Janayitri Brahmanda



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