Green fruits are rare and extremely healthy


Have you ever noticed that there are not many green fruits? There are green apples, limes or grapes, but in those cases only the shell of the fruit is green. Fruits with real green flesh are kiwi and avocado for example and those are amazingly healthy. Both fruits help you to loose weight and detox the body. They have very good influence on the heart and can also prevent cancer.

Kiwi and avocado are fruits that contain a lot of chlorofyll, which is mainly seen in green veggies. Kiwi has an extraordinary combination of very high amounts of vitamine C and chlorophyll. This is very good for detoxing the body from all kinds of toxins. And in this era with pollution and a lot of pesticides being used on our food, we need to detox on a regularly base. When you detox the body, you detox the mind as well! That can help your yoga practice and deepen your meditation.

Kiwi has a scientifically proven quality of containing chlorophyll that can’t be reduced by external circumstances: although it is ripening it keeps its green color unlike avocado which turns brown. That means that the chlorophyll is very strongly present in kiwi. The reason for that is the large amount of vitamine C: this preserves the chlorophyll. When it enters the body, this has the same effect: the chlorophyll and vitamines are spread quick, strong and powerful.


The Sattvic Yoga Lifestyle recommends to eat as much green veggies as possible during the day because of the fact they contain a lot of chlorophyll and prana. In former blogs you can see that fruits with vitamine C contain more prana than any other fruit. So the combination of prana, vitamine C and chlorophyll in kiwi makes this a very healthy fruit which is an amazing antioxidant. It makes you feel younger and more energetic, and it slows down the aging process.

You can feel a strong acid taste while eating this precious fruit; which is caused by the combination of vitamins, prana and chlorophyll. This acid is so strong that it can even destroy the nice taste of other foods in smoothies or fruitsalades. That’s why it is recommended to always eat kiwi as pure as possible.


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