Breaking the walls around your heart with yoga

A lot happens during our lives. Every single sad occasion can form an energetic block around our hearts. It is as if the soul which is seated in the heart, is protecting itself behind a wall. With the Yoga Lifestyle it is possible to remove those blocks. It isn’t easy or simple, but it is definitely possible.

The walls around our hearts separate us from who we truly are: the soul. The soul is pure love and bliss. So in a way, these walls provoke a feeling of ‘not being completely happy’. Seeing the fact that in this era almost everybody has been through difficulties in his life, most of us have these walls around the heart. Those walls even prevent us from being able to fully love ourselves or others: the unconditional love is there hidden behind a strong defense mechanism.

With the process of Jnana, Karma and Bhakti Yoga it is possible to get rid of all these mechanisms that are protecting our precious hearts. Jnana Yoga is the knowledge and wisdom of the ‘real self’ through self reflection. We have to be aware of the walls to be able to remove them. Once they are removed with different elements of yoga, like meditation or pranayama, their energy is literally flowing off. That makes room in our energetic system for love to enter. You will see more love and act out of true love. That is Karma Yoga. Eventually you will realize that you are love. You only want to serve love, because you can see it as our true source that binds us all. Awareness of Universal Love is Bhakti Yoga and this completes the process of Moksha (liberation). You have to become love to be able to melt into love. That is yoga.

Love is pure prana. With healthy Sattvic ‘prana-rich food’, we can actually helpt this energetic cleaning process. We feed our souls with love through an austere Sattvic lifestyle, good acts, natural organic food, and positive thinking. The Yoga Lifestyle brings love back into our lives. Yoga is a true gift from the heart of India to the whole world.

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