Light & vegan blanched spinach meal with only 5 ingredients

IMG_2650.jpgThis Sattvic dish is perfect for after your sunday afternoon asanas or meditation. It will keep your prana perfectly balanced, so that the light feeling from your yoga will stay, also after eating. This dish is vegan, light, healthy and done in less than 10 minutes. All are season veggies containing a lot of prana: Blanched spinach, avocado and roasted tomato with ‘holy basil’ tulsi (you can use regular basil too) served with corn couscous.

When you cook or stir fry spinach, it becomes rajasic very quick, that concerns all green leave veggies. Blanching them, is a great solution for that. The taste of the spinach will come out beautifully and this way you have some variety in between raw spinach salades and smoothies with this popular season veggie. Here is what you do. Wash the spinach in a drainer and then pour over a lot of cooked water. Then fluff it up a little bit with your fingers, so that the heat will come off. If the heat sticks to long, it will plummet.

The rest of the dish was super easy. I just made the corn couscous with some boiled water and Himalaya salt. The tomatoes I roasted for 3 minutes in the oven with the Indian tulsi. This herb is perfect to make a detoxing tea but you can also use it as a normal basil in your meal; it has an amazing taste! And with the salty couscous this dish does not need any other herbs nor salt; then you are able to sense the lovely taste and the variety of nature much better. Lovely combination of season veggies!

Have a lovely sunday!


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