Tempting spinach, cottage cheese, banana, ginger & pomegranate smoothie

IMG_2610.jpgBy far my best smoothie ever! This is what I intuitively did: I put a banana, some spinach leaves (since it is a season veggie and we need a lot of strength, iron and chlorophyll this time of the year), hazelnut-rice milk and some cottage cheese. Not the one you put on your sandwich, but the one that tastes in between yoghurt and sour creme. I think you can use yoghurt too, but I didn’t have that.

Then I put  a thin slice of ginger; which gave this amazing smoothie a spicy aftertaste combined with the spinach. The finishing touch is what I’ve learned in India: put some pomegranate seeds after blending your smoothie! It gives a surprisingly crispy effect and the bitter-sweat taste was lovely with the sour and spicy of this creamy smoothie.

The result is light, Sattvic and gives strength to get us through winter. A perfect prana-rich breakfast or lunch. Bon apetit! Have a great weekend!


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