Health benefits of eating pomegranate

Pomegranate is an amazing prana-rich fruit, which makes it very Sattvic. It helps every yoga or meditation practice, because it gives light thoughts and it drains negative energy. You can taste that yourself too: it has just like citrus fruits an acid bite. When a fruit has this sour taste, it is perfect to detox us from negative thoughts and emotions. If this acid is combined with red colored fruits or herbs, like the hibiscus and cranberry, it helps balancing the blood sugar levels. A very good home-remedy if someone is suffering from diabetes, but also when you feel a little nauseous after eating too much sugar. Although that would never happen if you would live the Sattvic Lifestyle of course!

Pomegranate has a lot of vitamines, like A, B and C, but also iron and folic acid. The right season to eat this fruit is right before winter, just like a lot of vegetables which contain a lot of iron, like spinach and green endive. Nature teaches us here that we need iron to get us through winter.

Pomegranate is a very strong antioxidant and can heal different kind of diseases, like heart failure and cancer. If you look at a more spiritual and Sattvic point of view: red fruits, red roses, red plants are all a special gift from Mother Earth, since she is giving us her love through her ‘fruits’ and red is the color of love. Everybody loves roses! And red fruit is always a true gift, like strawberries and also pomegranate. You can see that both are very good for heart failure; nature fills the heart with love and prana with these fruits. The energy can flow more balanced through the energetic body at the heart chakra area, which is connected to the physical body. Nature can help you healing from all kinds of illness through the energy of her fruits and vegetables.

Founder of modern medicine Hippocrates said that we can heal with nature, with being in nature and by eating her natural gifts; that is like-minded in Vedic Science, Ayurveda and the art of yoga!

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