Delicious turnip-tops salad with beetroot, apple and mandarin

IMG_2539.jpgAn absolute winter season-veggie-fruit salade with a delicious and light Sattvic taste! Completely organic, vegan and super healthy! It was very simple to make: wash and cut the turnip-tops and put them in a bowl. On top some thinly sliced chioggia beetroot and a mix of apple and mandarin in lemon and honey dressing. This way the appel keeps her beautiful light color and the sour taste of the lemon balances the sweet taste of the fruits.

The combination of veggies and fruits makes this salade very unique and savors will come out surprisingly rich. You can make a yogurt dressing for it, with cinnamon or mint for example, but plain like on the picture makes it already a perfect salade. Like this you can really enjoy the variety and richness of these beautiful fruits and veggies. Sattvic learns us that we can experience the variety of nature through her gifts to us; so the more natural we eat, the better we can feel nature’s treasures. Perhaps superfluous to name, but this salad is very rich in prana! That makes it a perfect base for doing exercises in the afternoon, like yoga or for meditation.

My next blog will tell you about the healing qualities of turnip-tops, which is amazing! It can even help to prevent and heal cancer!

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