Green for better digestion: healthy spinach sandwich

IMG_2492.jpgRaw vegetables on your sandwich, help processing fats much better! And it fits the Sattvic lifestyle with all healthy season greens. Right now, is a good time for spinach for example. I always love to stir-fry it for a nice paneer, but raw it also tastes delicious in a salad or on a sandwich. This one was made with fresh cornbread from my favorite organic market (they bake it on the spot for you!), some organic cheese from the Weerribben (a protected nature reserve), sliced tomatoes and sour cream with salt and pepper. It was delicious… but a little bit too much for me. In the evening I will only eat some soup. That is Sattvic: learning with your own intuition what your personal needs are. Many people tend to overeat, that’s why 30% of the world population is overweight these days. With the Sattvic yoga lifestyle you learn to listen better to your instincts; something we’ve lost in our nowadays busy and fast lives. Meditation helps a lot, because you will be more connected to your true inner self (which is the same as your intuition).

Living healthy means also being in the moment, take some rest sometimes, relax and enjoy a lovely, vegetarian healthy sandwich like this!


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