Fruit is the new candy! Smoothie is the new you!

Apple, banana, pear, pomegranate, kiwi, lemon and avocado are this moments season fruits and those are irreplaceable in the Sattvic Yoga Lifestyle. We all know that fruits contain a lot of necessary vitamins, but there are much more reasons to eat fruits. First of all, fruits contain a lot of the life-giving energy prana. Our soul is of the same energy, so eating a lot of raw fruits brings us back to who we really are: it fills us with soul energy, which is pure love. You can say in Vedic terms that fruits are a form of unconditional love from Mother Earth to us. And she is Shakti. Ma Shakti stands for nature, culture and force. She is us. She is our soul energy. We are her. And she loves us so much, that she makes in her ‘fabric of soil’ with the wind, the rain and the sun, these lovely fruits. How can this be made? That must be so amazingly intelligent and powerful!

I was thrilled to hear that Shri Narendra Modi at the inauguration yesterday of the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in India spoke first of female empowerment: he said that every woman is an incarnation of Shakti, the Goddess of Power. The second subject in his innovating speech was about yoga and Ayurveda being a form of love from India for the world.

Old Vedic knowledge is the richest gift to men ever known in history. Yoga and the Sattvic lifestyle can definitely heal humanity. Good, fresh, natural, organic food is what The Mother is giving to us, so why don’t we appreciate it more? A mother who gave birth, also gives her own milk to her children, not coffee or a coke. That is the same with Sattvic: we have to learn to appreciate the fruits She is giving to us a lot more. Therefor we need to learn to love ‘nature’ more, so that it can be seen in another perspective with ‘culture’, which is taking over our lifestyles at the moment. This is all beautifully described in the ancient Veda’s, the basic science of yoga as a loving lifestyle, meditation, mantra’s, mindfulness and living an austere Sattvic life. That means being nice, living with certain values and appreciate your own body, mind and soul with a lot of prana-rich food.

In my country the official institutes of doctors advice us to eat 2 pieces of fruit each day. The Sattvic lifestyle recommends to eat at least the double amount of that. Instead of all other things we eat, like snacks, we should eat fruits and drink smoothies during the whole day! This will feed our soul. This will bring us back to unconditional love. This will bring us back to who we truly are: Mother Shakti.


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