Why is Sattvic with dairy?

The ancient Sattvic yoga knowledge recommends eating vegetarian with dairy products. When those are organic and prepared with good care, they can contain a lot of prana, which is the energy that keeps us healthy according to Vedic Science. Milk, cream, yoghurt, cheese and butter are the only carriers of vitamine B12. Plants, like the Moringa can contain other B vitamins, but never B12 which is only to be found in dairy. And B12 is very important for our complete health and well being.

Besides that, some products like yoghurt and sour cream have a lot of good bacterials which we need to keep balance in our intestines (gastrointestinal microbiota). Ghee is very healthy for our brain and digestive system. The yellow ‘Goudse’ cheese is a little less healthy, because it also increases our fat levels, so it is better to eat small amounts of that. But paneer and other white cheeses for example can be very healthy with high levels of B12 and protein. It also depends on the person: we are all unique with our own best feeding style that fits us best.

When you choose to live a complete vegan lifestyle without any dairy, scientists recommend to use the right food supplements to keep the balance in intestines and supplements to be able to keep the B12 high enough. Some say vegans need to take additional iron as well, but by eating a lot of green with the Sattvic lifestyle, you are able to keep that in perfect balance.

Sattvic comes from the Veda’s and those were written in another time era. Families were not living on one spot (how culture emerged) but wandering around in nature to find food and shelter. Families had cows with them: that way they were always provided with food, like milk and paneer. Killing the cow would be the ‘death’ of a family: it would take away their provision. Without B12 we cannot survive. That makes a cow very important for human beings.

Cows with their milk, were seen as absolutely holy and clean spiritual, vegetarian beings. They have such an unconditional love for everyone, like Mother Nature has for us (we treat her horribly, but she keeps on giving us fruits and vegetables). In a certain way, they are honored to give us humans their milk. When a cow is treated well, this love is even sensible in her products with a lot of prana! Normally we can get prana only straight from plants, sunshine, water and the air we’re breathing, in other words: from the elements. But cows can provide us with prana too. Prana is love. Love is God. So this makes cows very Divine creatures!

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