Home made tomato sauce can make your dish Sattvic

FullSizeRender-37 kopie 6bb.jpgEvery pasta dish, like lasagne, pizza or tagliatelle can become healthy with your own home made tomato sauce. The Sattvic Lifestyle is not using manufactured products, but we can make everything ourselves!

Like this lovely sauce. Just cut a lot of tomatoes in small peaces. Bake them in a frying pan for just a couple of minutes with salt and pepper (you can use a fresh pepper if you like spicy food) and then mash them as if you would make mashed potatoes. That’s it. Almost as much effort as opening a can!

The regular Italian pasta bolognese is cooked for a long while, that way tastes will come out better. The long cooking process destroys all precious prana energy! But you can make this lovely pasta dish also ‘the Sattvic way’ and then it will taste even better: the light feeling afterwards is priceless! With shortly cooked veggies, the prana will not be lost and that’s what is giving you this light and blissful feeling after dinner.

Grill some season veggies like courgette or eggplant (with Italian seasoning) for just a couple of minutes in a grill pan, or fry them with a very small amount of coconut oil. Make sure that the inside of the veggies is still crispy (that is the prana). Serve them with the home made tomato sauce and a light pasta like spelt or kamut. Then add some vegetarian cheese or vegan parmesan. This way you turn a regular pasta dish into a light and Sattvic delicious dinner!

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