Guacamole: the simpler the better

This is a good time in season to eat avocado. While living in Latin America for a long time, I started to learn a lot about the perfect guacamole. In every country they make it different. In Ecuador for example, they add small pieces of tomato and cilantro. In Mexico they put a lot of spice in it, like fresh peppers and sometimes union. In Central Amerika I found the most Sattvic guacamole, because it was the most simple version you can get: mashed avocado with fresh lime and salt. Avocado has a soft and light taste, so all other ingredients seem to overrule it very quick and then the whole natural taste is gone. Salt and lime magnify the lovely taste of the avocado and all other ingredients (with stronger taste) seem to reduce it. That is Sattvic also: the less herbs and the less ingredients, the better. When living the simplicity of this yoga lifestyle for a while, your taste becomes different: you learn to appreciate the real natural flavor of fresh natural food better. That way you can learn to recognize the level of prana in all fruits and veggies much better; your sense of it will be trained and more fine tuned like an instrument. And that is very valuable for reading your instincts and intuition with choosing your perfect food each moment of the day!


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