The best vegan pumpkin soup with only 3 ingredients!



Can you image that I made this beautiful and delicious pumpkin soup in only 15 minutes with 3 ingredients? Sattvic cooking is simple and easy. So here is what I did. I boiled a butter pumpkin in small peaces (with peel) in a big cooking pan with a little bit of veggie broth. All organic of course. Then I added some salt & pepper. Let it boil for a minute or 12. Then I put a hand blender in the pan to blend it. Added some soy cream, let it boil for 1 minute and done!

Pumpin soup is such a lovely winter meal. Luckily it was a big pumpkin so I can eat this delicious soup for at least 3 days. It is better not to heat a dish twice, because it can become rajasic soon. Though with the pumpkin soup it is possible to heat it twice, because it is not a sensitive green veggie. Try not to heat the whole boiling pan at once, just take out what you need that day, and then heat it for just a couple of minutes on a small fire. Lovely with some steamed potatoes and avocado! Bon apetit!





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