Home remedy: make your own lip balm

In our books we talk a lot about home remedies: there is so much to find in our kitchen and garden to make our own cosmetics and even natural medicines. The Science of Ayurveda can help us living the perfect Yoga Lifestyle. Today I would like to share a very nice and beautiful home made remedy: your own natural lip balm in les then 3 minutes!

My lips were sore and dry, because of the winter season. A while ago I bought some nice lip balm products in India, but they don’t sell these particular ones in Holland. I tried some other ones here, but they all contain so much chemical products and with my Sattvic lifestyle I instantly taste and feel that this is not right. Especially with lip balm: it enters our digestive system when we eat or drink something. So I did some research.

First I analyzed the ingredients of my Ayurvedic lip balm from India: the main element was just coconut oil. Then I searched the internet for some different recipes and after that, I just walked into my kitchen and intuitively tried to ‘make something out of it’. Half of the ingredients that came out of my research I didn’t have, so I just made it with the available products. And I must say: it came out pretty nice!

Here is what I did: First I melted 2 teaspoons of coconut oil in a glass inside a bowl with hot water. While melting I added half a teaspoon of clear honey. Mixed it well. Then added one very small drop of the essential oil Ylang Ylang. Mixed it again and poured the oil into an empty cupping glass to put it in the fridge overnight. That’s it.

All ingredients are pure and natural, but most important: nurturing for the skin. I feel instantly that my lips are less dry and heeling. The coconut oil hydrates and is antibacterial. Ylang Ylang is used for skin problems like eczema and psoriasis. Honey can be put on burns: it cools the skin down and it heals. All together I think this is a very nice remedie for the lips and also for other dry spots on my skin, like in my face and on my hands: a common ‘trouble’ during wintertime.

Imagine if we wouldn’t have to make so many manufactured products anymore: we would safe much energy of fabrics and prevent all kinds of environmental pollution. Home remedies are better for us and for nature!


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