The greener the better

The Yoga Lifestyle recommends Sattvic food, in particular raw green leaves and green vegetables like broccoli. This is for a reason. Green leaves have a lot of chlorophyll and contain an amazing amount of prana; the life-giving energy which gives good health according to ancient Vedic Science. If this energy is flowing through our energetic body-system, without any blocks, we are in perfect health because the energy is connected to our physical system. We exist of energy, fluids and solid substances, which are constantly connected. The energy lets the fluid flow. It keeps us breathing. It keeps our cells dividing. It keeps our blood moving around. Energy is our fuel. And all energy is connected: our inner energy and the energy outside of us. Even a thought is a form of energy. All energy can influence our physical well-being. Yoga is meant for cleaning our energy and this is most effective with pranayama. Though with our food we can support this cleaning process enormously.

The more light energy or prana we get with our food, the better we become in between thoughts in a state of samadhi, during meditation. Light energy is much easier to put aside than heavy energy that comes with unhealthy food. The particles are literally heavier and thus much harder to move.

The thing with prana is that it can only be found in raw products. The same applies to chlorophyll, which comes with the energy of the sun and is a great antioxidant. It helps the body detoxing from all kinds of chemicals and pesticides. Beautiful ‘green’ food supplements in the form of a powder, are good to take, but they cannot contain as much chlorophyll or prana as fresh and uncooked food which comes straight from nature. Then the energy is light and pure. Prana in the plant comes from the elements, from the rain, the soil, the wind and the sun. Sattvic natural products are modified as little as possible! All energy of people and the surrounding comes straight into the fruit, and the strong prana of raw products disappears with the cooking process. So tomato in a can, has never that good energy as straight from nature with the energy of the elements lively present.

Many people don’t know this, but the prana protects you, if you have a lot of it in your energetic system; because of the light or small particles, heavy or bigger particles cannot enter. And also the veggies and fruits are protected by their prana. When you are cooking them, or put them in a can, they loose the prana (and protection) and they absorb all (negative) energy around them. Food carries energy! And when it is fresh it stays fresh. When it contains pesticides and chemicals, the prana dies instantly (like in the cooking process). So any non-organic product has no prana in it. So it is better to eat less but organic and fresh, than more and non-organic or manufactured.

The advice of great yogi’s is to eat just one cooked meal a day and all other food fresh and raw, with lots of green! It will keep your prana-level high, which gives happy blissful feelings and balances body, mind and soul!


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