Winter season veggies and fruits

IMG_2215.jpgIn many of my recipes I talk about the fact it is Sattvic or austere to eat seasons veggies or fruits. Nature knows best what is good for us each time of the year: she elegantly thought this all out. That is why in Vedic knowledge ‘The Mother’ or Prana Shakti who stands for ‘nature’ and ‘force’ is declared to be similar to the Atmic Divine Principle. She is God. She feeds her children like a Higher Intelligence; with much care and love.

When I go to my organic market, all season veggies and fruits are displayed in a central spot; that way it is super easy for me to see what the season offers us that day. When you buy those, it is not only much cheeper but also much better for your health. Kale for example, is very good for us during winter time, to give us strength and to empower our immune system.

To make it a little bit easier for you I listed some of the best season veggies and fruits from this time of the year:


Apple, banana, grapes, kiwi, mandarin, pear, pineapple, avocado, lemon, mandarin, pomegranate and orange.


Celery, cauliflower, broccoli, zucchini, kohlrabi, beetroot, red cabbage, green bean, spinach, sprouts, tomato, fennel, carrots, endive, eggplant, kale, chinese cabbage, paksoi,
pumpkin, purslane, rucola and savoy.

Follow my blog to see some nice Sattvic, vegetarian and light recipes with all those wonderful fruits and veggies! Remember that it is best to follow your own intuition; just buy what you feel like buying of all those season veggies and fruits, put them in the fridge and when you start cooking, take whatever needs to be eaten first and let your inner voice guide you. That way you don’t need any recipes anymore… your own subconscious will make whatever is good for you at that moment. That is the ultimate Sattvic dinner!



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