‘Life is fun’ chocolate smoothie

The Yoga Lifestyle isn’t only doing asanas, eating very healthy, meditating each morning and live a consciousness life. The goal is becoming a state of perfect bliss, and that means that you have to be super happy in the meanwhile! Although something bad is happening in your life; take it with a smile. Everything happens for a reason. Then you learn to have a balanced and strong character. According to the Bhagavad Gita that is the exact thing that makes someone happy; by having thoughts, emotions and habits in one line.

This all sounds amazingly serious. And some are deterred by healthy food or being constantly aware of everything: that should’t be the case. The Yoga Lifestyle is all about enjoying life and appreciate everything that comes to you as if you were a pure and wondrous child. This could be a whole other way of being happy than you might used to be. It’s all about filling your own tank of love and happiness with inside resources instead of outside ones, with an inner cleansing process. Although this smoothie I made today is definitely a ‘happy refill’ from an outside source, but this outside source can help you feel good from the inside. Our food determines our thoughts and those are the base of emotions and actions. It all starts with healthy food. When food is natural and Sattvic it does not mean it cannot be absolutely delicious! It’s just another way of eating and enjoying life and nature.

For this vegan chocolate smoothie you have to blend one banana and one pear (or appel, whatever you have in the fridge), some hazelnut milk and a teaspoon of cacao. When you poor the smoothie into a glass, put some peeled hemp seed on top of it. I don’t know if that is available in other countries, but in Holland it is quite a common superfood, which we can even get in the supermarket. It tastes like tiny walnuts and is absolutely lovely. The chocolate and the hemp seed are straight sources of happy feelings! And those helps you to climb every mountain on your path of yoga.

It might not look like it, but this smoothie is actually very healthy with a lot of necessary vitamins, minerals and proteins. It is organic, natural, fresh, light, vegan, suger free, gluten free, dairy free and without any chemical adds. In other words: delicious, healthy, blissful and ‘choccy’… Who can resist?

Be happy!




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