Endive salad with cheese & courgette crisps


IMG_2374.jpgA really nice season veggie for this time of the year is endive. You can do so much with it. I love to eat it raw like in this salad, but you can do a lot more with these super healthy leaves, which contain a lot of iron, vitamine A and C. Cook them for just a couple of minutes and then add cream to it; perfect with some spelt pasta to make it a light Sattvic dinner. It also tastes surprisingly good when stir fried in a curry dish. And thinly sliced endive in vegetable consommé with orange juice and avocado aside would be a lovely Christmas starter.

The salad on the front picture was very simple: put some nicely washed and dried endive leaves on a plate with slices of tomato, cucumber and pear. For the courgette crisps bake some slices of zucchini on one side in some coconut oil. Then flip them over and add grated cheese. Put the tap on for just a couple of minutes and let the cheese melt. This gives a lovely salty taste to the salad, which is balanced by the sweetness of the juicy pear. At the end drip over some olive oil, some seasoning with pepper, salt and a squeeze of lemon. In order to make it a Sattvic dish, all ingredients have to be fresh, organic and prepared with a great amount of positive energy of the cook!

With roasted toast this makes a perfect light lunch. And with some mashed potato it would make a lovely dinner. Bon apetit!

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