The universal soul is white again

In an earlier blog I was sharing some information about the fact that in this era called Kali Yuga, the Universal Soul had been generally black. This explains everything that has been happening for the past centuries: war, pain, illness, materialism and grief. That has changed now. We entered  a new era of love and spirituality in 2012. These two cosmic energies were existing together for a long while. The light was shining brightly, but there still was this black cloud of anger, resentment and hatred. On the other side there is a lot of spirituality and people who deeply care and love.

Let’s say I am pretty down to earth and spiritual at the same time: I will never loose myself in fairytales or unrealistic stories. But today I had this magical feeling during a deep meditation (dhyana). Because when I travel ‘out there’ in my energetic body I can see a lot what is going on. And today I saw something miraculeus. The Divine Body, or let’s say ‘our Mother’ has completely changed. The universal soul was at the beginning of this year until the second period of Navrati completely dark, with a beautiful pink-purple edge around her. But not today: she was shining a bright, intense and sharp light. No edge at all. No ends. It was unending. Her inner core was not black but completely white. She was lightning up and her rays were radiating into cosmo as if she was steady and not changing for many many years, as if this is her new appearance now. As if she was proudly showing her new ‘Self’. As if she had won a battle within, on the inner battle field described as in the Bhagavad Gita and overwon all inner demons. As if she melted together with Mahadeva and formed love and strength at the same time. It felt like Purusha and Prakriti melting together at that exact moment and forming the balanced Universal Atma of Brahma. It felt amazing. It was an indescribable feeling of bliss and wondrous innocence, restful patience, deep love and still happiness. I have never felt this in my entire life.

Right before my meditation the sky was grey, with a lot of wind and rain. When I came out of my meditation I saw this amazing sun shining brightly into the sky! I took the picture that comes with this blog and I felt the strong feeling that I had to share this moment with you. Though I understand that these things can be hardly understood when you’ve never travelled to the highest dimensions during meditation: still it might be sensible here too in these dimensions. Specially for highly sensitive persons this can be noticeable; maybe during meditation or your regular yoga practice with asana and pranayama, during sadhana (spiritual practice) or just when you are dreaming; the light is shining again!

And I must say that I now realize myself noticing so many love around me since last Navratri and Deepavali. Many people woke up and are following their path to Moksha. Remember always that every step you take on that path, you are filling yourself with Her rays of light Prana Shakti. You shine brightly and that has a great influence on Her body too. She can shine, because of your inner proces of cleansing with the art of yoga to open the heart. She can only shine through human hearts. Feel her, tune into her vibration, and you’ll experience complete bliss and happiness!

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