Superlight Sattvic vegan lunch

After eating that delicious spice cake in the morning, I felt like eating a very light lunch. That is Sattvic; listening to you inner voice to learn from you own system what it needs at a certain moment of the day. My lunch was a smoothie of apple, banana, hazelnut milk, cinnamon and a squeeze of lemon. Together with some cashew and pistache nuts which bring out the soft sweat taste of the fruits very well, it made my day complete. I will only eat something light, like some mandarines in the afternoon and a light dinner of veggies in the evening. Like that I am in balance, but for you it could be completely different. We are all unique. Best is to learn to connect with your inner self to be able to live your perfect yoga lifestyle. Dhyana, deep meditation is the best way to become in between thoughts in a state of samadhi… that inner rest is the link with intuition.

As you can see on the picture, the sun was shining beautifully for this time of the year: for people who live in cold countries it is always important to sit in the sunshine for a while. A vitamine D short is very common in winter in these grey areas, so I always try to sit in the sunshine when I am having a break from work. Just with an open window, on the balcony or when it’s too cold, with the window closed. It doesn’t really matter, just sit there for a while for the vitamins to be developed and absorbed. It will balance your prana, and you will feel the bliss of nature.

Have a great day!



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