Love the one who does you harm

Every loving person in the world is asking him or herself nowadays: ‘What the heck is going on!?’ That is a very natural feeling. Because in our own core being, we are love. Our soul is pure unconditional love. So everybody is love, no exception! That means that when we see something harmful, when we experience something harmful or when we do something harmful, we are out of balance and we are not our true selves anymore. It feels like being off track. Being a loving person is who we truly are. Being a loving person brings us home to our true Self, according to ancient Vedic knowledge. That explains the feeling of bliss, after helping someone or just being a lovable person.

This is also perfectly explainable on the basis of energy theories or quantum physics. You can see yourself as a huge sun or star of light connected to the body in the Kundalini, that is an energy centre right above our tailbone. When we die, this huge light disconnects and flies through the sky and takes off. Then a bunch of meat is what’s left. So the only thing we take with us when we die is our soul, which is of energy and lives on forever. Money, cars, houses and clothes are all temporal, and we do not take anything of that with us to the other side. Only the love in our soul. So love is who we truly are.

Some like to believe that this huge cloud of love is connected to all other clouds of love inside every living creature. Together they form a huge body of love, which has an intelligence too. That is why we like to call it ‘the Higher Intelligence’ or in religion they call this ‘God’. Let’s just say it is a Higher Energy. We are all part of this energy body, like we have cells in our own body too. It would be strange if a certain cell in our body, would jump around and say ‘Yes! Yes!!! I just put some oxygen in this organ, all by my self! I am a hero!’ Your brain is the one who sends this cell to the organ to give oxygen. Your brain is the one who is demanding and controlling. That is your intelligence. That cell has a problem with its ego and thinks he is the ‘do-er’. The same with the Higher Intelligence. That is our real brain or ‘the control room of human beings’. He or she is the one who demands us, he or she is in control; not us with our ego-thinking. And he or she has no gender, because ‘over there’ outside the body, gender does not exist. Nor race. Nor social status. Over there we are just this cloud of love, our soul energy.

Our main goal in life is to become love so that we can melt together with this huge cloud of love. Then the Higher Energy increases. Life as it is, is just part of a wheel of energy that is always going on with re-birth and death. From the smallest worm to the highest form of life: a human being. This wheel of life is called; Samsara. 

Basically our goal or dharma in life is to become love. Unconditional love. Not love in a way a lot of people nowadays think love is, like sex or a romantic dinner. Love is the essence of life. It all started with the energy of unconditional love, or prana flowing throughout the ether. This energy is called in Vedic Science Prana Shakti and is therefor ‘The Mother’ of all. It all started with ‘her’ energy. Women have more of this life-giving soul energie, than men. That is our nature. Therefor a woman bears and nurses the children, who are of pure love as well, because they just come from our Source of love.

In todays societies we see a lot of anger and aggression towards women and children. Millions are trafficked, raped and molested. Domestic violence is almost common nowadays with 3 in 4 toddlers in Western countries experiencing violence in their homes. And of course, mentioned in earlier blogs; we are exterminating the female race. We were once the strongest race (because we have to bear our children and therefor we need to be strong, otherwise the human race cannot survive); there were more women than men and we became older. That is not the case anymore: men grow older and are the majority now. Recent studies even show that more women have died of domestic violence than men were killed in warzones in the past century. Isn’t that horrible? #MeToo is only revealing a small part of a huge problem of violence against women and children! Every day in the news we see, and that is in a Western country, that a child was raped somewhere. A child! Sometimes of only 3 years old!!! All this violence is directly towards God and the Divine energy of love. That is against our nature. That is not who we truly are.

To break through this horrible spiral of violence and aggression, we have to do it differently than we do today. When we focus on the negative, we are actually activating dark energy, which extinguishes the light of love. All energy exists of small particles and those can be heavy, unhealthy and dark with negative thoughts and emotions, unhealthy food like drugs and alcohol and horrible acts of violence.  The energy of love is light and those particles are delightful. They come with loving acts, good thoughts and healthy Sattvic food. So light energy vanishes when there is a dark cloud inside of our soul-energy; when we think bad of another person, a dark cloud is stuck into our own beautiful energy of love. Love cannot shine. We become sick. We become sad. We become angry. All because of a negative thought.

When we send love to those persons, when we have compassionate feelings, empathy and love for those who harm us, we are in the light of love. We become love. Our soul energy becomes pure light. We feel happy and blissful. To forgive someone frees ourselves from that dark cloud of bad thoughts, anger and resentment. Then we are in the light of love again. We become who we truly are.

That does not mean we have to be weak, or let all these horrible things happen to us. We need to defend ourselves and protect ourselves. We need to do everything to keep our bodies and minds safe. If that means we have to fight for defense, than that is the case. We cannot avoid it, because we need to do anything possible to defend our divine body, mind and soul. We need to be strong and always file for charges; we need to fight for justice. These persons need to be punished. They need to feel consequences of their horrible actions. This also gives them an opportunity to clean their karma this life, so that their soul energy will have a better life in the next. Otherwise they will be a burden to us again. So we definitely need to fight for justice for ourselves, the victims and the perpetrator. Don’t get me wrong here: Prana Shakti is the strongest energy that exist. She is the force behind every living creature. She can never die. She can never be harmed. Love is strong! And love will survive.

To have loving feelings, means that you are tuned into Her energy, Prana Shakti, or God. You become Divine, by keeping your own energy light. So forgiving thoughts, positive feelings and loving acts are making us feel better. It brings bliss into our lives. We are liberated. We feel at home. Because we come home to who we truly are: love.

We have to become pure love to be able to merge with the Higher Energy. Only particles of the same attract. So only when we are pure love, we are able melt into the body of pure unconditional love. That is yoga.

Focussing on love is the only thing we can do to heal the world. And that is strong: giving in to those angry feelings, hatred and resentment is easy. The hardest path is for the strongest persons: be loving and have empathy for those who do us harm, they are in extra need of particles of loving energy! It looks weak, but really, this is pure inner strength and character. Those were also the words of Gandhi, mother Theresa, dr. King, Jesus and Buddha: only the light of love can let the darkness of hatred disappear.

The Bhagavad Gita explains it all. Therefor quantum physics and Vedic Science are strongly connected: it helps us understanding why we have to be loving, although the other did us wrong. Weather anybody does us harm or is doing horrible things; the perpretator is also a being of love. He or she is also a victim of this male dominated era with aggression and anger, called Kali Yuga. Only with the energy of the soul it is possible to be alive in a human body! And the soul is love, no doubt about that. So they are love too, how hard to believe it can be sometimes. Focus on love and the dark energy will vanish. Where we focus on increases. If we focus on the bad, it will increase. When we focus on the good, it increases. Life is that simple. Just love and everything will be okay. We will enter the new loving era of Sathya Yuga.

With loving thoughts, Janayitri



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