Delicious purslane salad with goat cheese & pomegranate

IMG_2191.jpgThere are so many ways to make a beautiful salad. And when raw season ingredients are organic and prepared with love, it can mostly be considered as our modern interpretation of ‘Sattvic’. That is why I usually post recipes of cooked Sattvic meals, because those recipes are very rare on the internet. But today I couldn’t keep this lovely salad from you.

It is such a nice time of the year on my favorite organic market place, with many cheep pears, grapes, mandarines and even pomegranate. The season vegetables looked amazing like the fresh spinach and purslane. Every type of green leaf sustains the Sattvic lifestyle very well; it contains a lot of prana and of course iron, which is important for vegetarians. Purslane has surprisingly the most omega 3 fats than any other vegetable, which is very good for the heart. Hippocrates, the founder of modern medicine, used it as a medicine for different kind of illness and to lower fever.

Eating all those beautiful fresh, ‘prana-rich’ fruits and veggies are a perfect way to experience the variety of nature and the elements. Like this salad, which was absolutely delicious, with season cherry tomatoes and purslane, green beans, goat cheese, pomegranate and cashew nuts. All ingredients were fresh from the market place; it is such a blessing to be able to live in Amsterdam. In the country it would be hard to find all those beautiful fresh organic products in one place.

The beans I steamed for a couple of minutes and all the rest of the ingredients were washed and simply spread out on a plate, with a lot of care and love. Your energy enters the food you prepare, so with good feelings it tastes even better!

The dressing is very important. For this salad I choose some good extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar, honey, salt and pepper. Very simple but the sweetness of the dressing and pomegranate balanced the strong taste of the cheese and nuts. Served with some fresh mais & spelt bread, you have a perfect Sattvic lunch or dinner for this time of the year!

Have a great day!





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