Lovely Sattvic dish with romanesco, koolrabi, bulgur and sate saus

IMG_2129b.jpgRomanesco is one of my favorites and it contains a lot of prana if you prepare it the right way. For this vegan Sattvic dish I boiled some organic veggie broth and then added the koolrabi first. When that was almost done, the last minute I added the romanesco. All together it’s about seconds: the shorter you steam or cook fresh ingredients, the better, because it will conserve the prana energy. I safed the broth: as you’ll know by now I never spoil anything. With most veggies the broth tastes delicious to drink as an appetizer, but this time I had to use it for the next step of the dish.

The bulgur was already cooked when I started the veggies. In a frying pan I stir-fried some very finely chopped red pepper, cabbage and fresh ginger in coconut oil. Then the ‘herb-thing’ happened again; this time with very small amounts of cardamom, foil, ground cumin and cinnamon. After that I added some salt and a chopped tomato. When stirred for one minute I added the bulgur to fry on a good fire. With small steps I poured some of the broth of the veggies into the mass, like you would make a risotto of rice. The total time of frying the bulgur was not more than 3 minutes, so you have to act quick. The combination made it very special, with the spicy aftertaste of pepper and ginger, the unique herb-taste, the fresh tomato, the soft bulgur and the crispy cabbage. And finally it’s always nice to give the eyes some art of food, by using a form to put the bulgur on the plate, like I did with a small teacup.

For the vegan sate saus I simply heated some delicious organic peanut paste, but you can also use high quality organic peanut butter. Then I poured while stirring some hazelnut milk, ketchap manis (but soy saus will do the right job too), finely chopped & baked red pepper and some honey. It is possible to use any sweetener, agave syrup for example would be a good alternative too.

Finally finish the art on your plate with loving feelings and enjoy your dinner! Remember that the energy of the cook will enter the food, so always be happy while buying, preparing, cooking and eating! Bon apetit!


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