Non-organic strawberries healthy or poisonous?

Normally I don’t react on what’s in the news, but today I can’t stop it: I want to help readers from the bottom of my heart. A shocking message on Facebook showed that there were 17 types of pesticides found on strawberries bought in the regular supermarket. The combination of poison could be very dangerous they said. Regular online newspapers wrote different items on it. For example these two, who actually consulted a scientist from the University of Utrecht and the other one a scientist from the University of Amsterdam.

Utrecht said: ‘I am going to eat these strawberries without any concern. They do not violate any norm’.

Amsterdam said: ‘If you take the norm per pesticide then they do not violate the legal norm, but the norms have never been formed with a combination of more than one type of pesticide. So together they might be very poisonous, but we don’t know this, because it has never been tested’. And certain ‘safe’ chemicals become very toxic in combination with other pesticides. Amsterdam sees great danger for public health because of this lack in legal norms. Most pesticides in combination of a cocktail like on these strawberries, are very dangerous for our health.

What can we believe? Two complete opposite, official online newspaper messages about one and the same item! Earlier, one generation back, we could always believe everything what was on the news, nowadays this is not the fact. We cannot belief anything, not even the scientists. We always have to be conscious and critical. We have to consider questions like: ‘Who is earning money with this?’ and ‘Who is getting better with this news’ or ‘What is the political agenda behind it’ and ‘What are their connections to the industry’.

The best solution for your health is to just buy everything organic: that way you are sure that your fruits and veggies are not poisoned. All types of chemicals, also chemical medicines are carcinogenic and scientifically proven not good for your health. Chemicals are the cause of death number 3 in the world, behind cancer and heart failure. Better not taking any risk and first try natural solutions concerning medicine and eat everything organic.

The founder of modern medicine Hippocrates said that we had to consider health a natural way; we can heal with nature, with a healthy lifestyle and fresh natural food. Exactly like Vedic Science from ancient India was stating for thousands of years before that time. Hippocrates never spoke about chemicals: with chemicals on food and in medicine we got more cancer in our lives. He said that ‘food should be our medicine and medicine our food’. Hippocrates never had the money factor involved in his findings, nowadays money has poisoned our health system. Who do we believe?

The Sattvic yoga lifestyle is very strict with organic and natural food: fruits and veggies need some time in nature to grow and to built up prana, which is the life giving energy that heals us from any type of disease. When this energy flows through our chakras, which are connected to all our organs and physiological functions of the body; the cells are rightly provided with energy and oxygen. We need prana to be healthy: we are not just our body, we are also a form of energy; this flow of energy can become healthy with the yoga lifestyle, described in Vedic books of 5000 years old. A time in which cancer did not exist and people were living much healthier in deep connection with nature.

Nowadays we forgot nature, we are poisoning our Mother Earth with pesticides, which makes her and us humans very sick. We do it ourselves. And why? For money? For the paper in our wallet? We can stop this ourselves too… with a conscious organic healthy living. We buy, we spend the money, so we have the power to stop this.

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