Autumn pineapple smoothie to prepare us for winter

As you can see on the picture; the grey autumn days began. I must say that I love this season, because it always means that the cosy winter is coming, with lots of lights and snow. Autumn reminds me of being grateful for all the sunny days we’ve had during summer and it learns to appreciate the rain, wind, delicious smelling Christmas trees and cold days with a blanket on the couch and two pairs of socks in bed. Although I am already back for a couple years after living in the tropics for so long; I still need drastic measures to handle the cold. But still, I love winter. And I love autumn with its beautiful colored trees and foggy mornings.

Enjoying the moment and being in the now, becomes easier when we understand that everything is intelligently connected. Nature has thought this all out in a special way for us. Awareness helps us accepting everything in life as part of a bigger truth. We can observe this amazing intelligence by understanding what she is giving to us. For example, this time of the year some lovely season fruits are available like mandarines, grapes, oranges and avocados. All very rich of important vitamins we need at this time of the year to prepare us for the cold winter. My brother gave me a lovely, ripe, organic pineapple and it was perfect to make the best autumn smoothie; pineapple with rice & coconut milk and some honey. Pineapple has amazing healing qualities; it refreshes our lymphatic system drastically and renews our defend system. Exactly what we need to prepare ourselves for the coming rainy days! Nature’s gift to all of us! Enjoy your day!


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