There is a Sattvic solution for everything

My blender broke down. And I really feel horrible buying new device; everybody is throwing good stuff away and we keep on making new machines. Every product produces garbage, it pollutes and it exhausts our natural resources. So I found a great ‘Sattvic’ solution with this old peanut butter jar.

Instead of using my beautiful ‘throw-in’ blender I use an old hand mixer, or ‘bar mixer’ to make my smoothies now. Normally a plastic special cup is used for it, but I like glass better than plastic (and it is better for our health). The hand mixer normally doesn’t fit in a glass but this old big peanut butter jar works perfect for the job, and the narrow edge prevents splashing. I can drink the smoothie straight from it, without pouring it into a glass afterwards; this safes water for cleansing too. And I don’t have to buy a new blender with this second-hand solution!

Nowadays we buy new beautiful drinking glasses ‘jar-style’ which are used in fancy pictures of smoothies, soups and limonade, but we throw away all our old jars from jelly, mayonaise and peanut butter! As you can see: I safe them all to use them as perfect drinking glasses.

Sattvic means that you try to use as less energy of the planet as possible, to safe our beautiful nature. That safes humanity too. It is a way to say ‘thank you’ to our Universal Mother. As you can see, the yoga lifestyle can enter your life and habits as deep as you would like to!

Namasté and have a great day!

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