‘Sattvic & organic’ will safe our planet

These amazing grapes of my organic market, taste even better than they look! Can you imagine that Mother Nature made something so beautiful for us to eat? I am so grateful for everything she gives to us. You can literally taste the elements, the water, the wind, the earth and sunshine while eating these gorgeous grapes. You can feel the prana energy entering your system of body, mind and soul when you eat them with mindful thoughts and inner peace. This can give a feeling of perfect bliss.

Many people don’t know this, but all non-organic fruits and vegetables are actually very unhealthy to eat. Chemicals to let them grow faster, make the fruits ‘sick’. And we get the chemicals in our system by eating the fruits and those make us very sick too. One of the reasons why there is so much illness like cancer nowadays. But we are not only making ourselves sick. We destroy our Mother. The earth cannot handle those chemicals neither and it makes the soil sick too. Animals and insects are affected too. Bees get sick and die. Bees are amazingly important for us to be able to survive on earth; because of them, the fruits and vegetables exist.

Einstein said that we humans cannot survive longer than 4 years when there are no bees anymore. That important is the work of bees for our nature. Honey is the only product in the entire world that can never spoil. Bees are very special and holy creatures. Honey and bee pollen are very nutritious for us and are better medicines than we’ve ever known in history. Bees are mentioned in the Rig Veda thousands of years before Christ was born, as Divine beings. And did you know that bees are being threatened with extinction because of the chemicals used on our food? So pesticides aren’t just harmful for our health, it is harmful for Mother Earth and is threatening humanity with extinction; when is this going to stop? When are people going to wake up?

Look at the wonder of these beautiful grapes: no fabric could make that! Who made this? How was this possible? Where is the energy coming from? How does this work? How can earth make this amazing miracle happen, just with water, wind and sunlight? This must be such a great power, much greater than us! We should have so much more love and respect for this enormous force, before it is too late! Conscious Sattvic living is saving our lives and is giving future generations an opportunity to live a healthy life on this planet too.



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