Healthy snack

Once somebody is used to the natural, fresh, organic and super healthy, light yoga lifestyle, ‘snacking’ exists mostly of eating a peace of fruit, some raw veggies or maybe a mixture of different nuts. This is because you just don’t feel like eating unhealthy food anymore. Though it is possible to snack ‘healthy-style’. When your kids come home from school for example and they’ve worked hard the whole day, then it would be good for them to eat and drink something light and healthy. This helps them clean their system energetically and charge the battery again.

In my own case I do not ‘snack’ very often, but today I had no time to lunch and I did not feel like making a whole lunch right before dinner, though I felt that my body needed ‘something’. So I made this smoothie of pear, water, honey, cinnamon and with a lot of chlorella and spirulina. Normally only the drink would be a complete ‘snack’ for me, but today I took some cashews with it and I went to a beautiful organic land store and they had these amazing quinoa chips. In the end I was definitely ‘snacking’, but it was a perfect opportunity to eat ‘something but not too much’.

Healthy snacking is great! And you still have this light feeling afterwards, what you don’t have when you take in all kinds of chemicals and unhealthy fats or sugar, which makes you feel slow and heavy. Some yogi’s recommend to eat or drink only smoothies, nuts, fruits and raw veggies, next to just one cooked meal a day.

I think it is best to listen to your own body, because everybody is different. With the Sattvic lifestyle we learn to intuitively ‘read’ our needs at any specific moment of the day. Meditation can help you clarify them!




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