Every woman loves the gift of a flower

Yesterday afternoon I bought these really nice roses for Navrati; they looked so amazing during the early morning puja. Every woman should buy herself flowers once in a while. They remind us of our real, true Self; the Mother. They connect us with the Divine Principle which is flooding through our chakras. We bring Mother Nature in our living rooms to welcome love and bliss in our lives, which Prana Shakti stands for. It is a way to say to yourself: I love you. This will wonderfully fill our tanks with love, so that we won’t need to find love elsewhere; we have this energy of Shakti present inside of ourselves. And this Divine female energy is awakened on moments like this, when we enjoy a beautiful flower, and when we are patiently in the moment and perfectly relax. Flowers radiate this wonderful energy with their colors filled with prana. 

Everything happens at the right place on the right time. If we keep on doing our best, love others and love ourselves, Prana Shakti will enter our lives to wake up our inner love and let us shine!

Happy Navratri!


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