Ayurvedic Moringa a gift from The Mother

Moringa Oleifera or Sahijan is a very common herb used in Ayurveda, but it is better known in Western countries as a perfect nutritional supplement for vegetarians and vegans. Moringa is a true wondertree, and the supplement is taken mostly from its dried, powdered leaves. Though dried, it still contains a lot of prana, which is very exceptional, this is the reason why it is called shobhanjana or very auspicious tree; so it fits the Sattvic lifestyle perfectly in which we clean our pranic energy with natural fresh food. Moringa was commonly used thousands of years ago in Ancient India when the Veda’s were written. Therefor we can see the name of this plant used in many old scriptures.

This wondertree comes originally from the Himalaya but grows on many different continents nowadays and is a real blessing from Mother Nature to us. Moringa helps detoxing the physical body and therefor also the mind and the soul; all energy is connected. We exist of energy, fluids and solid substance which are constantly working together to keep us in perfect balance and Moringa has a good influence on this whole balancing process between body, mind and soul.

Moringa can heal us from any type of illness, because it is a great antioxidant. It benefits the heart and heart disease, it benefits cancer and all kinds of problems with digestion. It is very good for skin, eyes, a quick healer of wounds and it can reduce tumors. Moringa has a strong antibacterial and antiviral function. It contains many different vitamins and minerals, like iron, vitamin B, vitamin A, calcium, magnesium and potassium, therefor this is a very good herb to take for vegetarians and vegans. Though I recommend vegans to take additional vitamin b12, because this is found in egg and dairy especially milk and yoghurt, but not in plants.

Moringa is not only balancing our whole being, it is also giving us strength. Physical strength and inner strength; it brings us closer to our inner self, which is Prana Shakti and the strongest energy in the world. The prana of the plant enters our bodies and connects us with our inner prana in the Kundalini (shakti), as if particles of the same are melting together. So using Moringa connects us with who we really are.

Lord Shiva has a strong link to Bilva, which is a tree that helps us benefit our health in many ways, especially with digestive problems and colon cancer. The colon is the channel in which the prana flows off and leaves the body with al kinds of energetic ‘waste’. This is what Shiva does: destroying negative energy that we do not need anymore. Like the Bilva is connected to Lord Shiva, Moringa Oleifera has a strong connection with Shakti, or The Mother. Bilva is taking the negative, useless energy out of the body and Moringa is providing us again with new, fresh and positive energy. This way the Bilva and the Moringa are connected like Shiva and Shakti; he destroys so that she can shine. And as you can guess; both are trees from the Himalayas.

Moringa can be seen as a gift to us humans as a sign of unconditional love from The Mother to us. Her personal wish for us to stay in perfect health; body, mind and soul. It is a way for her to bring us back to her life-giving energy of the soul Prana Shakti. It gives us a feeling of coming home to ourselves.




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