What is truth?

When I was talking about our findings how to consider health according to the old Vedic knowledge, somebody asked me: ‘But where is it written in a book’? I had to think a long time about this question. Of course these were my own interpretations of a lifework, and years of practice in life-coaching and healing therapy. I found all the answers on questions like everybody has about health, in the Veda’s. But the lady meant: did somebody else write about my findings? So, when it is written in a book somewhere it is truth, if not it is untruth.

Of course that is ‘her truth’, which she made true in her head. Because for me ‘truth’ is something completely different! People who write books most of the time are dictating what other people have written; because when it is in a book it must be truth. But not everything that is written is truth. It is the complete opposite for me: why writing about a subject if someone else already had done this? Then everybody is constantly writing the same things. What is the use? Write something new. Something from your own intuition and heart, then it comes from the Higher Energy. Like a pure child who is always talking from the heart, for me that is a message from God. I always listen to small children, they have great messages of truth them. They just came from our Source, or God and love is very much present inside of them. I take them more serious than any body else!

Ramanujan, the scientist from India who was a straight genius in mathematics, always got all his information from his deity during meditation. And the 1500 formulas he got from his God appeared all to be truth after years of investigation of the finest scientists. All his infinite series and continued fractions were supposed to be impossible for the human brain to be invented; but not for the genius Ramanujan. More truth than those numbers did not exist; these formulas were all 100% right! He got these numbers during meditation, so from the subconscious and never from his mind or brain. For Ramanujan the information from his God was truth, because God is truth or Sathya. Though his colleagues from University did many years on proving them with the mind; for them they could only be right or truth when they had seen so called scientific proof. For Ramanujan there was no need for that: for him it came from truth. More pure than that the information cannot get, because it was received from God/truth himself! The same way like all the Veda’s were written and this is called shruti; that which was heard in a state of samadhi. Also dr. Wayne Dyer experienced this (and it happened to us during writing the books too) he said; ‘The books were all written through me’. When this is the case, then the information comes from above; it is something new. It is Sathya, or truth. But humans think that when it is not already written in a book somewhere, it cannot be truth!

For me everything that is written in a book, is a human interpretation of Divine words. In other words: it is already second hand. It is blurred by the mind. This way the untruth is always maintained, because people ‘think’ that it is true. When words come straight from above, then it is truth to me. So I always listen to my inner guide, my intuition or sixth sense; that is the absolute verity. Because the only truth there is in the world, the only thing that is unchangeable and ever-lasting is our soul or intuition, which is love, which is pure Prana Shakti, the Mother from which everything was created. That is always new fresh information that broadens our minds, that gives us awareness to a conscious living and is never written anywhere, it is the unique message meant for you in a specific moment in life.

At one moment something can be truth to you, and the other moment not. We can change our minds. And when 2 persons are quarreling about something, both think they know the absolute truth. That is because everything is different, everything is changing. What is truth for you, can be untruth to another. The only stable unchanging absolute truth is Sathya, God or love. That which we take with us in the form of our soul when we leave this body. And that is not even scientifically proven, because for most science something only exists if it is measurable with our five senses. And intuition cannot be read with one of those 5 senses… so in other words, the absolute truth as in my opinion, nobody can see it; only the ones who are aware and know to use their intuition or sixth sense are able to see -the real truth-. So that means that almost whole humanity is shut down from seeing the truth… because they think it ‘has to be written somewhere’ or it even ‘has to be proved scientifically with the senses’. Our 5 senses cannot see the truth, God or the Higher Intelligence. The particles are too small to even see under the microscope, but that does not mean that it does not exist. When we cannot perceive the Higher Energy, which is pure love…. does that mean we are all shut down from real unconditional love too?



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