Enjoy your breakfast!

Your breakfast is the first meal of the day, so this must be healthy, fresh, natural, but you also have to enjoy it: life must be fun! This breakfast is perfect for children or to feed your own inner child. When I was a kid I really loved to make those small towers of cakes with wiped cream, chocolate and fruits. Children love to make their own food. So this breakfast is great to do in your own home with the kids: just put all kinds of healthy, organic and fresh ingredients on the table and let them ‘build’ their own breakfast-tower together.

The one in the picture had a corn-rice waffel, with 100% peanuts peanut butter, banana and figs jelly sweetened with apple. No sugar and all organic. Like this, you’ll make healthy eating a party for your kids! And for yourself too. You can let your creativity flow with peaces of fresh strawberries, cherries and grapes on a base of marmalade or homemade chocolate pasta from avocado and honey, you name it and we build the towers!

If you have fun during breakfast time, your whole day will be light en enjoyable; you will carry that positive energy with you along the way.

Be happy!

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