The yoga lifestyle to heal humanity from cancer

According to doctor Siddhartha Mukherjee in his book ‘The Emperor of All Maladies: A Biography of Cancer’, in the near future one in two men and one in three women will suffer from cancer. It is a horrible disease we know very little of. Many people die from this stubborn ‘emperor’. The problem is that nobody, even the smartest scientists after decades of research has a clue where it is coming from; what is the cause of this irreversible aggressive disease? We need to know this to be able to find a cure. The answer is simple and already known to us for 5000 years in old Vedic Science. We simply have closed our minds to learn to know the truth about human beings.

A simple hay fever is incurable too

The problem is that we consider disease as something physical and we think there are only physical solutions like chemical pills or operations to get better. We look for solutions outside ourselves, like with insulin when we have diabetes or antihypertensives with high blood pressure. If a gallbladder is infected, we just take it out of the body; problem solved. Nobody thinks of healing the gallbladder because in some cases with regular health care we are simply not capable of doing so. Many diseases we still cannot heal, like eczema, hay fever, rheumatism, psoriasis, Parkinson, hart disease, asthma, HIV, diabetes, viral infections, ALS, MS and many others like The Emperor of All Maladies. Why can’t we? Aren’t we super smart beings? We can do so much, fly to the moon and clone animals, but why aren’t we able to heal something very simple like a hay fever?

A human being is not only physical

That is because we consider ourselves as pure physical too. We think that when we can’t see something, it is not there. This is very outdated knowledge from the Middle Ages. Modern Quantum Physics is about this whole energy world around us, and they have definitely scientifically proven that we humans radiate energy and our energy is in constant interaction with the energy around us; and everything has a form of energy existing of small particles. They’ve even proven scientifically that our thoughts are ‘energy’ and they can influence the energy around us. When somebody is laughing out loud in the street, you see other people smiling too… this works infectious. The energy of the laughter is spreading through the energy vibration of the particles between them and connects with the particles of the receiving person. We cannot see this, but it’s there. As if you light a lamp: you cannot see the electricity, but it is definitely there, otherwise it would not be possible to light it. So if a thought can influence the energy outside of us, wouldn’t it be logical that it can influence the energy inside of us too?

Cancer’s life is a recapitulation of the body’s life, its existence a pathological mirror of our own.

Siddhartha Mukherjee

We are constantly changing energy, fluid and solid substance

According to classical Vedic Science of 5000 years ago, we humans carry a huge amount of energy with us; they consider this our energetic body. The soul. If the soul energy is not there, we are not alive. We are a bunch of meat. In Ayurveda (the medical science described in the Atarva Veda) they consider a human being as a wondrous, constantly changing being of energy, fluids and solid substances which are continuously working together in order for us to be able to function; it’s breathing, digesting, the heart is beating, cells are being multiplied. This complex system is always at the edge of balance; the slightest thing can take us out of this perfect equilibrium. Just a thought (which is energy), a traumatic experience (of energy) or even food like alcohol or drugs (which can be considered as ‘energy’ too), can take total balance away in a second.

The energy flows through the physical body too

The energy is flowing through our energetic body, the soul, but is also connected with the physical body. These streams of energy travel through our chakras. The chakras are energy centers that function like ‘highways for energy’ inside of the physical body. The life giving energy of our soul is called prana in Vedic Science and this energy is directly linked to all organs and physiological functions in the body. The chakras transport the prana through the physical fluids and solid substances of the body and provide organs from energy. Once there is a problem like ‘a traffic jam’ in these highways of energy, the organs and functions of the body like breathing or digesting are disturbed; the energy cannot reach them anymore. That is the exact and only cause of physical symptoms: the interruption in the flow of energy. That can be caused by energy like a thought, emotion or experience, but also an unhealthy lifestyle with a lot of stress and bad food. This information is known for thousands of years in ancient India, but we humans have closed our minds for it: we cannot see it, so it is not there.

It’s far more important to know what person the disease has than what disease the person has.


Energy is directed by our own ‘will’

Once you know it is there, you can get conscious of what is going on in your body, mind and soul. Once you understand this principle of energy, you can dissolve any energetic problem yourself. Energy is directed by our own ‘will’ and not by pills or other outside sources. Once you understand that a thought, a traumatic experience or even the energy of a family member can get trapped in our system of chakras and cause physical problems because it is blocking the prana, life is getting better. Health lies in your own hands, because you can take this block away yourself and yourself only. Nobody else can do that for you, because it is an inner proces of healing. And yoga can help.

Vedic Science and Yoga are meant to clean the energy

Yoga is also described in that old Vedic Science and is not just an exercise on the mat, what many people think yoga is. Yoga is much more than that. Yoga is being in a perfect state of balance between body, mind and soul. It is seen as an art to clean all your energy, to be able to have a healthy physical and energetic system. This is possible with many elements of the yoga science, like asanas, meditation, mantrasinging and pranayama. Yoga is actually meant for cleaning the physical and energetic bodies and this process is described as Jnana, Karma and Bhakti Yogawith wisdom of the ‘self’ we can get rid of all blocks and negative energy to fill our energy with pure loving soul energy, which we eventually recognize as the all binding energy of divinity and love. Symbolically the Veda’s call this ‘melting into Divine Energy’: we become as pure as the Divine to be able to merge with it (and only particles of the same energy attract).

If someone wishes for good health, one must first ask oneself if he is ready to do away with the reasons for his illness. Only then is it possible to help him.


A healthy lifestyle in balance with nature cleans

Yoga as described 5000 years ago is a lifestyle in which we are not only doing exercises or becoming aware of our energy; it’s a disciplined Sattvic living with healthy fresh, natural, organic food, in balance with the elements and nature, which contain a lot of this fresh life giving prana. Refreshing the prana with the elements and Sattvic food can heal us from any type of disease: it brings this flow of energy in the chakras and physical body in perfect balance. This balance is called ‘being in a state of yoga’ and gives a feeling of perfect bliss and happiness; exactly that is giving us good physical health.

These are the words of Hippocrates founder of modern medicine

These are not only yogic thoughts but also the words of Hippocrates who once started modern medicine. He discovered that we had to consider illness as a -natural- matter instead of supernatural. Hippocrates said that with nature we can heal; with healthy fresh natural food and a hygienic lifestyle in connection to nature and the elements. 

Food, nature and the elements are direct sources to fresh, healthy prana. And we have lost all our connection to nature and Mother Earth with our modern lifestyles. Polluting nature with chemicals lowers the presence of prana. And that also applies to our bodies: The healthier we eat, the more we are connected with nature and the elements to build up prana, the healthier our bodies are. Energy is part of nature, otherwise it would not be studied in Physics. Energy is everywhere. So energy has to be part of understanding the nature of our physical bodies and the solutions to heal.

‘There is a natural healing force in each of us. Our food should be our medicine, our medicine our food’. Hippocrates


A modern way to consider health

The theory of Hippocrates is well known amongst all doctors in the world, but we have seem to forgotten this. We should take our own founder of medicine a little more serious. ‘We are not able to see it, so it is not there’ is older than thousands of years and long outdated. It is time we are going to consider healing and healthcare the modern way like Hippocrates did in the year 400 Before Christ. Then we can start healing: understand energy and we are able to heal cancer, diabetes, rheumatism and all other so called incurable diseases. With the energy of nature we can heal. With natural food we can heal. Chemical medicines cause only more cancer, and haven’t we got enough of that right now?

The energy can make us sick, but it can heal us too

When we consider us human beings as a beautiful, perfect and complex system of energy, we are able to discover more about the energetic influence on our physical bodies. Energy can make the body sick with symptoms, but it can heal it too. Find the cause (or energetic block in the chakras) and you’ll find the cure.

‘The first three steps towards healing’ and ‘The message of the soul’ describe this new philosophy of considering health in a manner that you can start healing today, yourself. With an inner process of consciousness, energy cleansing, the Sattvic lifestyle and the practice of yoga and meditation everybody can heal of any type of disease. This is why yoga was called ‘a free health insurance’ by prime minister of India Narendra Modi, during International Yoga Day. The Yoga Lifestyle is what can prevent illness, but it can heal us too.

With love, Janayitri Brahmanda

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