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The past one and a half year I have been working intensively with Indian singer and composer Dhroeh Nankoe, on several books and materials to help readers to deepen their path of self-healing and to become this beautiful ‘state of yoga’. Dhroeh is such an amazing teacher: he has studied mantras and their spiritual foundation in the Vedic Science almost his whole life, with the best Indian masters. He knows so much about yoga and the ancient Vedas; it is such a great honor to be able to do this project with him.

As you all know by now; yoga isn’t just asanas on the mat, yoga is so much more. All elements like meditation, pranayama, mantrasinging and even coloring mantras or doing mudras and eating only Sattvic food form a lifestyle that creates perfect health. It is an energetic cleaning of the prana energy that is flowing through our chakras, which are connected to our organs and physical functions. Yoga is a way of living; it is the key to a happy life. We are becoming more and more aware of our energetic self and the energy around us to reach a perfect balance between body, mind and soul with the yoga lifestyle.

The thing is; you have to do this yourself, nobody can do this for you. When people are sick, they go to a doctor, but with this yoga lifestyle we find healing inside of us, not outside. Besides the healthy and light Sattvic lifestyle, which is the necessary start to the process of healing, there is much more to it. Yoga off the mat is deep. We have to learn how to analyze our lives with all the signs we get from our subconscious; symptoms, things that happen to us or that are not happening in our lives although we would like it to. Everything has a reason. Everything happens to get you back on track in life; to heal your complete self, physically and energetically.

To become healthy and feel perfect balance between body, mind and soul, we have to go through a difficult process with our inner ‘self’. We have to discover negative patterns, emotions and thoughts with self-reflection, this is called Jnana Yoga. Then, when we dissolve these patterns and thoughts by changing them into something positive; love will enter our lives. That is Karma Yoga. Eventually you discover the truth about us humans, that we are pure love. Our soul is love and we are all connected with love in a huge body of energy; the Higher Intelligence. You only want to serve that Higher Energy by seeing love, sending love, thinking love and acting with love; that is called Bhakti Yoga. You become love. That process and study of the real Self is the goal of every written Veda and is named Moksha; liberation.

Through a process of awareness and consciousness it is possible to start this path to liberation. Your soul will become pure love and bliss; JivAtma. When you are in this state of love, you become the Higher Energy, because this is pure love too. Particles of the same vibration attract, so you and this Higher Divine Energy melt together. That is only possible by becoming ‘love’. This is the reason why we are here. This is the goal of the Higher Energy with our life on earth: becoming pure unconditional love and merge with Divine unconditional love.

You cannot learn this from a book or a teacher, it is an inner process of self-healing. Our books and materials with exercises are made in a way that you can start this process of Jnana, Karma and Bhakti Yoga yourself. It is a path to awareness and opening the heart for a more loving new truth. It connects you to your own inner guru, which is ‘intuition’ and has the same particles as the Higher Energy. It is hard work, you have to act, not only read, but it is possible, for every person. Eventually you will know, you will understand. You will feel that you were all this time on your way to your own real Self of pure love. That is the only thing you will take with you at the end of your life and is called ‘the soul’. That is the real you which is eternal.

We really hope we can help any person that is interested in following this path of self-healing. It gives you strength. It helps you getting your thoughts, words and actions in one line, which is according to the Bhagavad Gita the key to happiness. It makes you an authentic person with a strong character, realizing what your personal dharma is. It is a way to control your thoughts and senses, so that you control the energy inside of you, and thus control the energy outside of you. Everything that happens is a reflection to your own inner energy.

As you can see, the path of yoga is for everybody, not only for people who practice on the mat! We hope that the books about everything that is ‘yoga off the mat’ will help you to perfect health of body, mind and soul. Several publishers are interested in the books and materials at the moment. They might come out in Dutch first and then in English. We will keep you posted!


God bless you!




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