With Sattvic food we become light

How is this possible? ‘Becoming light’? Imagine yourself as if you were a being with a physical body, surrounded by a huge cloud of energy-particles; your energetic bodies. This ‘world of energy’ is scientifically proven by the smartest scientists in quantum physics. Though this was already known 5000 years ago; people were much smarter then. How did they built all those complicated structures like Stone Hedge, the Mayan temples and Egyptian pyramids? People were connected with this ‘Higher Energy vibration’ which we call intuition or the Higher Self and even ‘Soul’. The soul is pure love. God is pure love. In connection with this Higher Energy, the Veda’s were written and is called ‘shruti’, that which was heard. In those Veda’s the Sattvic lifestyle has been described as the best way to become light and thus closer to our own inner energetic Self.

When you understand this world of energy, you can become aware of the fact that this cloud of energy around you is pure love (prema) and bliss (ananda). It is always and constantly present inside of us, we are just not aware of it anymore because of a strange ‘fact’ that we think that if we cannot see it, it does not exist. That is how we’ve lost complete connection to our own energy which is constantly flooding through our chakras; like electricity, we cannot see it but we know it’s there, otherwise we could not be alive. The soul is this life-giving energy of prana, and without the soul, we would be a bunch of meat

This energy of prana is also present in nature, the elements and actually everything around us. All is part of the Divine Body of Love. When we are connected to our energetic body or soul, like during meditation, we can observe this energy in persons around us, but also in our food. Imagine that when you are in your energetic body, flying around (like being outside the physical body during meditation) you are in this constant state of bliss and love; you’ll feel happier than ever in your entire life, because you have become pure prana, or JivAtma, the clean and pure soul. It can only exist once you are aware of it. Being in this ‘state of yoga’ or JivAtma, our pure soul, means you have no negative (‘heavy’) thoughts and you are in perfect health. Your particles are as light as God.

We can clean our particles every day by elements of yoga, like asanas, pranayama, meditation and mantra chanting, but also with our food. Imagine that some food like meat, fish, alcohol, drugs, chemical medicine and even smoking, is making your particles heavier with dark energy; you cannot take off to fly into your soul body, because it is dragging you down with gravity. The energy of low vibration makes you more aware of your physical body (and the material world)  instead of the energy bodies which have a higher vibration; it keeps you down. That is why eating meat and drinking alcohol are literally making you fat and is keeping you on the ground. It is the reason of our number one cause of death in the world; heart disease.

Only fresh light food (fruits, vegetables and a lot of green) straight from Mother Earth, organic, without pesticides and nonGMO has had the chance to let the prana enter the plant so it can clean our energetic bodies of light; it refreshes the prana in our complex system of body, mind and soul. This is the reason why we eat. It is an energetic cleaning process so that we can become as light and bright as possible to become in a state of Samadhi during meditation: in between thoughts. Your particles become light, easier to move aside, so that you are able to take off in a clear sky. You will feel happy and your body will be healthy.

Our food influences our thoughts and they create emotions and actions. It starts with food. When food is Sattvic it gives good, healthy thoughts that can be controlled easy to let the sky of thinking clear up, to become in between thoughts on the highway to the Higher Energy of perfect bliss and happiness. By controlling our senses, we can control our thoughts. And by having our thoughts, words and actions in tune, you become a strong character; the key to happiness according to ancient Vedic knowledge.

Sattvic also means simple and in balance with nature. Don’t spend hundreds of dollars to get the most exclusive ingredients; just keep it simple. Season vegetables are cheap because that is what is growing at that time of the year: you can trust the intelligence of Mother Earth that she gives us the best fruits and vegetables for that specific moment; ripe fruit is full of prana and ready to be eaten and gives us all the energy we need.

In balance with nature also means that you did not have to kill another being with a nerve system that can feel pain, to be able to eat. Mother Earth has given us enough other food to survive, so why killing creatures to eat? When a human body is in pain or is being killed, that is against nature so it will scream and defend itself. It will let you know that it is hurt and that it does not want to die. Animals do the same: they scream and let you know they are in agony and great pain when you are feeding them to be brutally killed and eaten with pleasure. This is against nature. That’s why Mother Nature has made sure that this is not good for your health; heart disease is Her message to let us know that. And luckily many scientists agree on that matter nowadays and advice us to eat less meat. If it would have been healthy it would contain a lot of prana. The milk of a cow for example, given to us with much love, contains a lot of prana. The happier the cow, the more prana, the better her milk. Eventually prana is ‘happiness or bliss’. This is also a very intelligent part of Mother Nature’s plan; we have to learn how to analyze and observe the prana to be able to understand her super intelligence and her unconditional love for us. Isn’t she providing food for anybody, good or bad? Does she make a difference? Isn’t everybody fed by her… ? She has love for every single soul. And her form of love for us is prana. That is why prana is also called Prana Shakti; the strongest energy there is, which is unconditional motherly love.

The Yoga Lifestyle and Sattvic food are the only way to keep us healthy and happy. We do not have to do exercises on the mat for that, only eating Sattvic and try to live thankful and in the moment, would be more than enough; that comes close to the state of Samadhi. Being at rest, being in the moment, close to the elements and appreciating Mother Nature is making us light and is therefor part of the Sattvic lifestyle.

According to the Bhagavad Gita Sattvic is even more; when living in love, when you see love everywhere, when you are a loving person that helps others without wanting anything in return, it will built up the prana also in our system: the more you become love, the closer you come to God. And particles of the same energy attract so that they can melt together: that is the process of Moksha and the objective of yoga and every written Veda. First our particles have to become light, that is the first step…. the truth Sathya, is very simple once it has become part of our awareness. Living light is living in love.



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