Romanesco-purée with white beans; not very ‘chic’ but super Sattvic!

FullSizeRenderrom.jpgMy yesterday meal of Romanesco-purée and white beans in fresh tomato saus, you might not find in a restaurant or chic cooking website, though it is a beautiful Sattvic dinner. ‘What makes a meal Sattvic?’ Is a very important question to ask yourself. First of all you have to analyse your eating pattern of the whole day. In the Sattvic lifestyle we eat only one cooked meal a day, and that is very strict. All the other meals have to be full of raw food. So if this dish is eaten three times a day, it is not Sattvic anymore, but when you eat it early evening after a whole day of eating small amounts of raw food, it can be seen as healthy or Sattvic.

The meal itself is super simple and the veggies were shortly steamed, so they still contained a lot of energy and vitamins. All ingredients were organic, fresh and nonGMO. Sattvic is recognized by its freshness and simplicity; with season veggies. That is what Mother Earth is giving us this time of the year; and she knows best what is good for us, otherwise we would ‘go against nature’. So Sattvic is in balance with your day, in balance with your physical system and balanced with natural laws.

This meal started already a day before when I washed the white beans to let them soak the whole night. The next day I cooked them for an hour and added some salt the last 5 minutes. I prepared a whole bag of beans to put them into the freezer. This means that I will heat those beans twice and that is not completely Sattvic, though I try not to overcook them. It is a conscious choice to put them into the freezer: it will always be better than the beans in a can, because I definitely don’t eat those. Sometimes we can better make the best choice out of two: at least I know for sure that the ones in my freezer have had good energy while they were prepared.

When I started cooking this dinner, I did not know what to do with the beans yet; I never prepare a meal with the mind, I just ‘act’. Intuitively I started the cooking process as followed: I fried a red pepper and a lot of fresh tomatoes in a frying pan and then added the cooked beans with some salt and pepper. The tomatoes were very cheep this time of the year so I bought a lot of them; perfect to prepare a nice sauce for the beans, which I finished with a small amount of honey. For the purée I first cooked the potatoes and added the Romanesco only 3 minutes at the end and made the purée with soy cream and some salt and pepper. Very simple. Not too many herbs. Done in 20 minutes. Not very expensive, since these were all season vegetables. And of course with an amazing taste because of the spicy beans and creamy veggie combination!

Enjoying the whole proces of buying, preparing and eating the dinner, is not to be forgotten in this mindful lifestyle. It might not be a common chic dinner, but it was definitely delicious, simple, light, Sattvic and with good vibes!





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