Mysterious early morning Sadhana

Early morning today I had the best Sadhana ever in my entire life. It started in the evening already when I had a beautiful clear view on the moon. It was as if she was whispering to me, so I whispered back… totally intuitive; ‘…please, take all my negative energies, bad patterns and everything that is standing in between me and my dharma to serve the Higher Energy…’ I was overwhelmed by this same feeling a couple of days ago during full moon.

In the morning I woke up very early, it was still dark. Normally I would have turned myself around to try to continue sleeping. This morning I felt strongly that I had to get out of bed, so I did. I sat down to start meditation as always, but I found myself all of the sudden doing some severe pranayama. I never think about what to do, I just follow my pure instincts, but I would not automatically do these exercises during my morning routine. Pranayama is very strong for me, since my own energy is shining amazingly bright these days in which Kaliyuga is ending. You can only practice pranayama under the guidance of a great teacher, because of the fact it can be so amazingly strong; you always have to be careful with these exercises. And I take that very serious! Though I was taught very well by the best teacher… I am still careful and have a lot of respect for these powerful practices that can let the prana explode inside of you!

Though having that in mind, I still did the strongest pranayama ever done in my years of practicing yoga. It felt as if I was led by the Higher Energy, fulfilling my wish of the evening before, because after that I felt my Kundalini energy connecting with God strong, firm and incredibly bright. I saw the lightning pedals of a lotus blooming out of my Kundalini, out of my heart and on top of my head. After that I meditated for a while (I was in complete ecstasy) but my inner voice said: ‘Look outside’.. and I saw a little ray of light of the rising sun shining into the sky.

I put on my jeans and went outside to walk on the island. The picture of the beautiful sun was the result: I was very happy with it, because the weather forecast had announced severe rains. I continued my meditation outside and had this amazing feeling of bliss and happiness all over me… and that wondrous feeling still has not left; I keep on smiling. And when I pass by a mirror I discover an unconscious smile on my face. Mysteriously helped by the sun and the moon, I feel more blissful than I have ever felt in my whole life!

I think that when God really likes your wish, he fulfills it immediately! And he controls the elements to help you on every step on the way to Moksha. The feeling and knowledge that something Higher than you is guiding you constantly, is the ultimate Bhakti Yoga.

Later on, after this beautiful early morning Sadhana I understood the deeper meaning in all of this… it was really overcoming me… I did not -do- anything… I was guided by my inner voice… realizing more of this mysterious feeling during the day, I discovered the fact that around these days the birth of Ganesha is celebrated … the God that stands for ‘removing all obstacles that are in between you and liberation’. The classical Vedic knowledge is so amazingly deep and connected with cosmic energy, the whole universe, nature and every human being walking on this planet. Being connected with your own intuition, your real inner self of pure love (JivAtma), you are able to tune into the right vibration to receive all the beauty of it!

Namasté, God bless you.



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