Banana-plum smoothie after my morning walk

After my early morning Sadhana and outside walk, I felt like detoxing and drinking something light, so I started with a wheatgrass juice. Then I continued my Sunday Sadhana with Bhajan chanting.

After chanting I felt an empty stomach; a sign that I had to eat something. I walked pretty far in the morning, so my body needed some food, but I did not want to spoil this feeling of bliss and lightness after meditating, pranayama and chanting. So I made this super nice smoothie with banana, plums and hazelnut milk; it gave me a nice feeling of fulfillment to start writing and working. And it worked efficiently; the whole day I continued having this glow of bliss over me. A perfect example of eating in balance with your activities and inner feeling; that makes this full smoothie a Sattvic breakfast for me at this specific moment, though for another person this might not be Sattvic. That is why you always have to choose your food intuitively, like animals use their instincts to eat in nature; they will never eat to much nor too little, always the right amounts of what their system needs to function perfectly that day. This is how we can consider the Sattvic lifestyle as well; in perfect balance with your body, mind & soul.




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