Apple, cucumber & spirulina smoothie to balance the mind

What a lovely moment to start the day with a good refreshing smoothie; this apple, cucumber, spirulina, ginger & lime smoothie is not only cleaning your system of body, mind & soul, it gives you a ‘prana-booster’ to have an amazing amount of energy during the whole day!

According to the Sattvic Yoga Lifestyle, our thoughts are influenced by what we eat. And thoughts create our emotions & actions: our whole life is based on what we think! Today’s smoothie gives light thoughts, it destroys the monkey mind and negative self-talk! It works very quick; when you detox your body with light fruits and veggies, you clean your energetic bodies too; they are linked with the prana flooding through the chakras. The result is an empty, fresh mind with light thinking. And light thoughts are easier to put aside when we want to come ‘in between thoughts’ during sadhana.

Best thing is to just feel yourself, with your intuition what kind of fruits and veggies you want to put in your morning smoothie, this way your own system will let you know what it needs at that specific moment; every person is unique, every complex system of body, mind & soul is different. Just to inspire you I give you the recipe of my morning smoothie:

I was standing in front of my fridge and just felt intuitively what to make. I had a lot of bananas; I really like the sweat taste of them and they make a smoothie creamy… especially with some hazelnut milk… Love that! But today I felt like light thinking and cleansing, you can do that best with a smoothie based on water and no heavy fruits (like banana, avocado or pear), but a lot of green veggies and citrus fruits, though carrots with orange can do an excellent cleansing job too. Today I chose apple, lime and cucumber; together with the ginger it has a very strong detox-effect! All negative thoughts… and the monkey mind flow off with these light ingredients with a unique special taste. Cleaning the system, cleans the head!

First I blended 2 apples, a good piece of cucumber, 2 very thin slices of ginger, a good squeeze of a fresh lime and some water. After that I added some spirulina (half a tea spoon). I did not peel the apple, nor the cucumber or ginger: I love everything that Mother Nature gives us and try to waste as little as possible.

You can choose to put some honey or cinnamon to make it sweet, but I really like the fresh-sour taste of it, especially with that spicy ginger-aftertaste; this way I start my day full of energy and with only happy thoughts!



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