Great avocado-sandwich lunch… small dinner

With the Sattvic lifestyle we learn to listen to our inner voice. That way we can find out exactly what our bodies need each moment of the day. With this rather large lunch, I would eat less in the evening, just a small salad or veggie soup. I definitely love to eat all carbohydrates during the day and then in the evening I eat only a light dinner. Though, when I have to do heavy physical work during the day, I can use some power food in the evening; the thing with Sattvic is that you perfectly learn the needs of your physical system at any moment of the day, to be able to have a lot of energy and stay balanced with your weight. And that is necessary these times: I was in a shock reading in the newspaper the other day, that 30% of the world population is overweight. We need to be able to read our instincts better; and this light way of living is doing just that! It brings you back to your intuition, your real inner self; that is what yoga is all about!

This lunch was really great; The pumpkin-seed bread is from the organic bakery, though I cut it myself into a little too thick slices. I chopped fresh tomato and mixed it with some soy cream, mayonnaise (just a little bit), salt, pepper, red chili, roasted paprika, rosemary and parsley. Finished with some avocado on top and cucumber at the side. It was a lovely, but huge lunch for me! Today I am writing and sitting still a lot… so maybe just a smoothie in the evening ;).

God bless you! Namasté.



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