The world is in need of more female strength

Female strength is different than male strength. It has a mixture of inner peace, motherly love, female power and intuition. But also rough instinct; imagine if you would steal a cub of a she-wolf….  you will awake something inside of her that will eat you raw. We females have this ‘something’ that cannot be described, but the world has been busy trying to tame it; that will never work. Female energy is the strongest energy there is and it can never vanish!

Looking at the oldest texts in the world, the ancient Indian Veda’s, we can understand why women cannot be tamed as some men would like it to. Our whole existence comes from the female energy Prana Shakti, which is pure unconditional love. We are love. Our hearts are the core center of our soul, and there you can only find true, honest love. With grief, pain, anger and sorrow it is possible to close our hearts with walls. Then the love will not shine as strong as we would like it to shine; the love is tamed into a cage. With a female’s heart in pain, there is less love shining into the world. More fights. More war.

Though we might have some pain for a while, this strong shining light is always there inside of our hearts, wanting to burst out. Wall or no wall, she’s there. As if ‘The Mother’ is still in charge from above there, somewhere… connected with the light in our feminine hearts…. and ready to destroy all those walls of defense mechanisms into pieces, to let this bomb of love explode back into the world: don’t you worry, the powerful light of The Mother will always win. She’s always there, she might be enclosed, but she’s there… waiting her chance and she will strike back even stronger! That is female strength!

She is in charge. She is the strongest energy of the universe. First there was The Mother, prana or pure unconditional love, then the elements came, then earth and then men. Millions of years later. But it all started with Prana Shakti. Pure female love. So everybody who tries to hurt us, or put us down: be aware. We will never accept this. And what happens with a gift that is not accepted? It is in hands of the giver; he owns it now. So good luck with everything you try to pour over us women these days: we will shine even more and much stronger than ever! As one love.

Love is the strongest energy that has ever existed. Only love will survive. Love is the only, unchangeable truth. Love binds us. Love can heal the world. Love can heal humanity. When someone dies, love is what is left. Love -as in our soul- is what you take to the next phase. It is the only thing of you that is really true. As long as we focus on love, light will shine into the world. Only a little bit of the light of a woman can let the darkest shine; only love can do that. Only The Mother can to that.

With love, Janayitri Brahmanda






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